Thine Deliverer Arises in Thee

The woman and man of God hath willingly delivered their own darkness to the Immaculate Conception of Life. He and she work each day journaling with inquiry and the 11 Kingdom Powers to perceive with their mind and heart and emerging soul intuition .. seeing all that resides in themselves needing transmutation.

The 6th Kingdom Power of Inquiry .. with its elements of Journaling in the use of the Mirror of Veils, and its empowerment of learning to separate the wheat from the husk and the chaff .. they alone shall be advancing forward in the Progressive Ascendancy of Personality.

And, as ye rise into this Wholeness of which I am .. and as ye partake in the leavening and spiritizing and quickening Power of this Wholeness of Life .. so shall you become purified and integrated as personhood .. and thine decisions in life shall be as One Will and One Agenda and One Impulse in your lifetime. shall knoweth thyselves in this Wholeness .. the Totality of the Christine Consciousness shall expand in thee .. making of thee a queen and king .. master over all thine  ephemeralities and the circumstantial appearances of thine surroundings.

While the carnal selfhood remains blinded by materiality and lesser urges and desires .. the Christos man and woman finds themselves arising into power and confidence and conviction and strengths of every kind through God's Grace and Forgiveness.

They acknowledge the Universal Father as the One who giveth and doeth and acteth in everything Good, True, and Beautiful.

Michael Of Nebadon
The City of Christ Michael


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