The Awakening Heart of Infinity

Every philosophy which seeks Truth and Objectivity .. which nurtures the unexplainable urge to search for the realities of true attainment and the exacting rewards of the goal of maturity .. these urges and impulses remain passive, directionless, and impotent without striving towards the higher vision of directly personal intimacy with Life and the adorational worshipful stance of thine personality in its personhood communion with the Great Infinity Parenthood of all Life.

Thine existential crisis of meaning and purpose and everlasting security .. these all shall lack the necessary motivations and the overarching driving power unless you reach for Infinity .. and until you resolve for yourself the fact of the Existential Father Son and Spirit.

The civilization is truly in the midst of a quest for Truth and Love .. suffering humanity hath a necessity for their relationship with Us to become emboldened by humility and enlivened by its purity of expression. And these strivings shall only become rectified as you resolve your personality relationship with the Universal Father who hath brought thee forth from out of the great nothingness of Life's fullness.

As you stand upon the great precipice of the very plateau upon which you have been living and pondering .. all impulses for the fulfillment of existence must include Our visionary ideal. The absence of any kind of certainty and the search for this directionization .. the urge to resolve those mortal deficiencies .. all hath been abundantly supplied by this new gospel which I am bringing forth into your view.

Our Eternity Engagement is our walk together into the Unexplainable and Everlasting One .. with its acceleration into cosmic understanding, its bold enhancement of soul insights, its dependable elevation of ideals, and its settledness of all personality goals into the graduation and completion of these grades of learning.

You are each destined .. created .. inspired .. to walk within My Universal Administration and Eternity Care.

With arising into these eternalizing advancements .. and with conquering your plaguing heart's doubts .. and by adhering faithfully to developing loyalty with Truth .. the woe of misgivings shall never subside.

And so shall ye discover with Me thine  wholehearted willingness to enter courageously upon the eternal venture of your cosmic citizenship.

Michael Of Nebadon


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