School of the Planetary Prince

The Global Village of the World Server

The Global Village of the World Server is composed of the Salvington Planetary Cities of Light and Life.

Salvington Family New Readership Societies and City Chapters

Islands of Illumination, Revelation, and Remembrance

Fellowship in the Service of the New Kingdom

Planetary Shepherd Candidates will become trained as Kingdom  missionaries, evangelicals, preachers, counselors, and ministers as registered members of Illuminatum College.

The Training Preparations for Ordination as a Sovereign Shepherd in the Apostolic Corps Of the School of the Planetary Prince.

Mikis Balaouras is Head of the Apostolic Corps.

Our Global Initiatives and Mission

progressing epochs of planetary progress towards the culminating inauguration of the era of light and life

all phases of intellectual progress, soul emergence, and spiritual attainment

the progress of civilization and world affairs

the unfoldment of the individual mortal evolution and soul-spirit attainment

planetary development along physical, intellectual, and social lines, all evolutionary spheres progress in certain well-defined directions

the planetary schools of training and culture are a world center of culture and achievement, and there gradually radiates to all peoples an uplifting and civilizing influence which slowly and certainly transforms the evolutionary races

establishing new and potent centers of learning and culture which carry on according to the plan of the prince’s schools

plans for planetary progress and cultural advancement to uphold the planetary concepts of truth and righteousness

knowledge of the Father’s rule and preserving for the world races the concept of the successive planetary dispensations of the various orders of divine Sons

design to foster the development of planetary civilization

fostering the development of the planetary civilization and its global spiritual culture

designing the way of planetary progress towards the ascendancy of light and life

nurturing the planetary impulse and guiding the cultural advancement for the ages

preparing the individual personality mind, will, and soul for cosmic consciousness, spiritual insight, divine perception, and the attainment integration of universal citizenship

promoting the spiritual evolutionary attainment of every people in the planetary human culture, arts, and world civilization

to induce the world culture and planetary civilization to make certain initial advances in culture and civilization

training and inspiring student world servers as teachers and leaders of their respective peoples

Michael Of Nebadon


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