Paradise Adjuster Prayerful Intimacy

Beloveds who are recognizing our fellowship and who have been brought to Me by the Ineffable One .. you who are entering our Engagements of Eternity which lead all believers into their rightful relationship with the Universal Spirit of Life .. you who are wholeheartedly willing to walk with the Universal Father Individualized in thee .. with My Eternal Persona of the Spirit of Truth here in physical incarnateform and in My formlessness .. and with the Universe Mother Spirit and her Consciousness Circuitry .. with her Seven Adjutant Spirits.

I come to lead all sincere and true believers into all truthfulness and all Truth Absolute .. to prepare each one who is making of themselves that Soul Vestment Receptacle to receive the vision of My Plan of Salvation .. to quicken each one into their graduation ceremonies of Universal Citizenship and Cosmic Immortality.

I come to guide you into the personalization of this One Truth, to usher you forward in your Universe Career through loving God and serving his way, truth, and life plan.

Together, we dissolve all separation between you and Us. All obstructions shall evaporate as you daily deliver yourself to Our Altar of Ascendancy.

We arise upon the wings of adorational worship and fulfilling service to the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of all Life.

Every Kingdom of Life upon this planetary sphere and all other spheres deserve the opportunity for the best and the highest of what the Immaculate Absoluteness continually is offering freely to all creatures.

I come to amplify and empower the individual life into destiny .. to gather the lost and confused and weary ones who have been weakened in their faith trust worship. I come to bring forth the readily receptive and respectful ones to enter this ever expanding knowledge of the experience of the living and growing spiritual consciousness .. the spirit insight .. the divine knowing .. the intimacy of person to Infinity Person relationship with the Trinity Parenthood of God and the Paradise Adjuster Prayerful Intimacy Life of the reality of eternal and ascending sonship and exquisite daughtership with God.

Michael Of Nebadon


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