Advancements of Abundance and Ascendancy

Ye have been faithful in the many small things in living .. yet, our fellowship shall make of thee great in the many larger achievements which await thine entrance.

Doubt not that ye have triumphed .. yet do I tell thee .. take My yoke of obedience and discipline upon you .. go forth into battle with thine ephemeral opponents, and as ye draw upon My strength, so shall you find ways to conquer adversity.

The way of victory in the First Great Mystery will be shown to you only as you open the avenues of your faith and trust and discipleship with the Creative Spirit and I.

There must be neither tears nor shadows of tears as you grieve the death of the temporal apparitions, and as you depart from thine weaknesses in character choices.

You shall find Me in the way of the Spirit of Life; all is Light .. all is Joy .. all is Mercy.

All is Beauty and Truth to those whose eyes have been opened to the great radiance through their worshipful nature .. their praiseworthy attitudes which honor Life.

How shall My Joy bring even the fleeting semblance of that which ye call pain?

I tell you now the end from the beginning .. there is no sorrow in the thought of follies that are passed; what ye are .. and will ye will be .. alone is this destiny worthy of your contemplation.

When I say unto you as I do now say unto you, that as ye are born again of the water of life and the spirit of his goodness .. then all which is of the past shall be eradicated .. it shall becometh perished in his Light.

As ye arise upon Mine Shoulders of Glory .. and as ye art inclined to listen and learn .. so shall you become advanced from thine old earthly bodies into those vestures that are new and of the Immaculate Immensity of his Mercy.

As ye shall find in Truth that ye have been born once more into the Eye of the Spirit of Life .. and when thine fleshly vestment putteth on its destiny of Immortality .. then are ye poised .. and most accordingly ready .. to share the Life of the height that is his Spirit Life.

And even though ye walketh still on the face of the earth .. and meeteth the problems and particulars that earth life calleth upon thee .. you shall be granted the opening to enter into the Life of Eternity as you are determined to know of the Father's Life.

Blessed are they who sit in the silence of Eternity .. who art prone and receiving the vastness of their integration with the Spirit Substance of Infinity .. theirs is the Life of the Universal First Revealing who shall maketh of them his sons and daughters of Eternity.

I speak these eternal verities direct into your hearts .. and My voice goeth through them who respect our association, and who venture forth while holding tightly Mine Universal Vine of Life.

Beloved .. what more shall I say unto you than to instruct you out from your immaturity and ignorance of sorts .. learn how to unconditionally give thyselves to the Father's Kingdom of Life, and all will begin for thee; for ye have yet to initiate thine processional unto Paradise.

Ask with the utmost humility and reverence, and ye shall receive of the greater portion of his emanation.

Seek with the vigilance of the pure priority and prayerfulness, and ye shall find glory opening its doorways.

Knock upon his living altar in you, and it shall be opened unto you by Mine Hand of Purity.

Go forth in peace and with the unadulterated willingness to serve thine Universe Family, and I sayeth to thee .. ye shall find the luxuries of his great procession into worlds of Ineffable Truth and Love and Light and Life opening their gateways to you.

Thine countenance shall becometh blossomed into this relationship .. and ye shall be raised into its oft heralded attainment of personality soul ascendancy.

Michael Of Nebadon


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