The Living Ideal of Progressive Ascendancy

Salvington New School of the Planetary Prince instructs students to never pray as obligation nor as solely a religious duty.

Instead, the Ideal of Salvington permits you to develop a genuine faith and a spontaneous trust leading to the ennoblement of all mortal desires and human devotions .. the heights of an augmented spirit perception .. the awakening to truth as an objective love flourishing state of being bringing new insights into reality and the assuring purpose of your emergingsonship and daughtership with the Infinite Center and Source.

Prayer is a sincere expression of spiritual attitude enhancing all urges, a declaration of soul loyalty building alignment and a new momentum of allegiance, a recital of personal devotion as you are learning true healthy surrender, an expression of thanksgiving while growing in your appreciation for the eternal meanings, an avoidance of emotional tension in the transformation of every limited conflict and perplexing circumstance, a prevention of conflict as you are understanding your creative nature and divine identity, an exaltation of intellection as you raise the mind's usefulness into God knowing, an ennoblement of desire for the procession inwards to the One Absolute, a vindication of moral decision as you converge all choices into God's will, an enrichment of thought building clarity and poise, an invigoration of higher inclinations in developing your soul receptivity, a consecration of impulse and inclination awakening true strength to overcome all ephemeral oppositions, a clarification of viewpoint while illumining purpose and priority, a declaration of faithfulness in growing your personal relationship with Infinity Individualized, a transcendental surrender of will allowing you to become the very Ideal you are aspiring towards, a sublime assertion of confidence and spiritual expectations in bringing forward the indwelling Life while directly empowering conscious awareness, a revelation of courage to face the ephemeral darkness and to overcome its illusory nature, the proclamation of discovery in the assurance of survival of your endowment of personhood, a confession of supreme devotion rejuvenating trust and refreshing you into the glories of Spirit Adjuster collaboration, the validation of consecration bringing experience of the  spiritual realities gaining you spirit ennobling  insight and a righteousness of character, a technique for the adjustment of difficulties as you learn to sacrifice the unreal for the real, and the mighty mobilization of the combined emerging and immortalizing soul powers to withstand all human tendencies toward selfishness, evil, and sin.

You will come to live just such a life of intimate prayerful communion and joyous consecration to the doing of our Father’s will, and your life will expand and express itself triumphantly with just such a life of prayerful contact and Adjuster communication.

The secret of blossoming into this unparalleled religious spiritual life is in the  consciousness of the presence of God who lives in your midst; and you will attain to this wholehearted spirit transmutation by intelligent and intimate prayer, perpetual communion, and sincere adorational praiseful worship; each day building the fortifications of an unbroken contact and awakening communion with God .. and not by any extraordinary circumstances of mystical leadings, other-worldly voices, erratic and unreliable visions, or by the extraordinary religious doctrines, dogmas, and practices.

I have come to lead all sincere believers into all truth .. into the always expansive  knowledge of the experience of reality .. the actual mortal living and growing their spirit insight, divine perception, a spiritually-centric  consciousness of the reality of eternal and ascending sonship with God in the great procession of eternity.

I am come to baptise earnest believers of the gospel of the spirit with an extra-worldly fire of merciful love, a renewal of purpose and eternal priority and impulse towards the fulfillmentof your thirst for truth and hunger for Absolute advancement.

Your Comforter baptism begins with your education at The Global Village of Christ Michael and it's Illuminatum College of World Servers as a candidate for the second birth.

This baptismal fire of truth signifies your conscious reception of the gift of My Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter.

. . . and your personal acknowledgment of this new spiritual power shall become an augmentation of all spiritual influences previously experienced by you; my Truth Spirit is a conductor of merciful forgiveness .. a unifying force of goodness and an awakening power of truth .. a refreshing stimulant of the living Word of eternity for all God-seeking, God-aspiring, God-disciplining, and God-knowing personality souls upon the earth and every planetary civilization in our universe.

Michael Of Nebadon
Enhanced Urantia Revelations


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