Planetary School of Illumination

Thou Global Villagers of Illuminatum College...

The bestowal of My Spirit of Truth provides for your everlasting expansion and your endless growth within the religious relationship which I live and the gospel which I am proclaiming to humanity during this new 21st Century Advent.

My Spirit guides you into all Truth and Love and Freedom...

My Comforter Consciousness is the Teacher Universal for every civilization within My Care. All enlightening civilizations have embarked upon the journey of fuller acknowledgment and adorational Praise and Gratitude of the Trinity Persons and Infinite Parenthood of life.

I come setting up the New School of the Planetary Prince .. and I come to instruct you in the glad tidings of our Eternity Engagement.

This New School is for the entire Civilization .. and is the beginning of thine race re-entrance .. the reordering of the planet back into the Order and Harmony of our universe.

The School is for every human being and for every Kingdom of life .. it is nurtures the expanding and always-growing Truth religion of endless progress and divine unfolding .. as there are those Celestial and Divine Personalities who serve with Me in fostering for all beings this great procession of Life.

This New School of the Planetary Prince works with My own Spirit of Truth which is the new teacher for human life.

In our Comforter Engagement .. I will be forever unfolding you into the truth-seeking believer that which is so divinely folded up in My Everlasting Persona and Eternal Nature.

As you arise and participate with Me .. so shall I give you the greater experience of love that you are searching for; for it is Absolute Love of God that resolves every struggle and survival challenge .. every psychological disorder and every disharmony becomes healed in the great pools of the Father's Love.

Salvington is the School of the New Planetary Prince .. a School of Wisdom Illumination and Progressive Ascendancy for the evolutionary progress of the Planetary Civilization, and all of these developments are always directed by My Eternal Persona .. the Holy Comforter Spirit Of Truth.

Salvington ushers in the Triune Epochal Revelation for the next three thousand year epoch upon the earth through Illumination with the Universe Spirit Mother, Revelation with the Revelatory Commission and Celestial Entourage of Divine Personalities who serve the planet at this time.

Verily do I say unto those with a mind receptive to Our Visionary Ideal .. and a personal free will eager to accomplish perfection .. desirous to conquer all personality challenges...

Thine Progressive Personality Ascendancy within My Universe Administration protects your free will .. fosters your spirit urges .. grows your godly impulses .. and it is My Eternity Spirit of Truth which shall carry you through every obstructing artifact within your soul, as you become receptively qualified to advance thyselves.

I bid thee eternal wisdom in your choices ..  and truth hunger determination in your willingness to advance thine universe career into eternal union with the All-loving SpiritOf God's Life in thee.

Michael Of Nebadon


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