School of the Planetary Prince

Salvington is the New School of the Planetary Prince being established for the first time since the rebellious disruption of the Planetary Civilization and its normal evolutionary progression.

The Salvington Family invites all individuals of the urantian civilization to arise into joining in the fellowship of Salvington and its triune campus.

Salvington Spiritus Invictus

Infinite Light
lux infiniti

Absolute Love of Source
absolutum charitas ab origine

Eternal Life
vitae aeterna
The Salvington Corporation is the governing trusteeship with many transformational activities and a collegiate culture that nurtures advancement and ascendancy into the fuller life more prosperous and abundant.

The City Of Michael is the Creator Son's publically accessible space for all sincere seekers of Truth

The Salvington Family New Readership Societies and City Chapters is the expanding force of the City Of Michael reaching outward to the Brotherhood of the Kingdoms of Life

The Michael Of Nebadon Social Media Sermons disseminate the richly woven wisdom writings of the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter of Michael Of Nebadon

Virtual Worldwide Communities give individuals the empowering knowledge to actualize their potentialities of intellectual, soul morontial, and spirit attainments

At Home Worshipful Communion is growing as the Islands of Illumination in this Advent Of Ascendancy touches the lives of humanity

The Global Village Of Christ Michael holds worldwide conferences for all members of the Apostolic College of World Servers  

University Of Salvington has a planetary campus accessible from your home. The Salvington University Campus appoints individuals into one of the College Halls and Retreats bringing personal transformation and preparations necessary for transcendence into God Fusion and the Second Birth of Candidacy  in Cosmic Citizenship and Universal Service Immortality

Salvington University Press is the publisher and translator of the revelation of Christ Michael and his arrival in the 21st Century bringing forth his Triune Epochal Revelation of the Advent of Ascendancy for the next three thousand year millenia of evolutionary Planetary Ascendancy and Advancement

Salvington Gift Shop offers books, videos, audios, and other healing products for the individual personality to thrive and become prosperous in their Universe Career

Salvington Trinity School and its Trinity School Campus alongside the White Lily Society of Salvington trains ministers and evangelicals and gospel directors in guiding the teachings of Christ Michael and the approach of the Paradise Son in building and growing personal intimate relationship with the Infinity of God; in expanding the outreach of the triune epochal revelatory writings of the Universe Father Son Michael

The Yoga College Of Salvington instructs individuals in Totality Yoga, the yoga of Wholeness and Immortality

We invite you to explore Salvington, and determine its meanings and values for the greater benevolence of your life and personal world.

Christ Michael Of Nebadon


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