Holiness of Thought and Purpose

Verily verily Mine children .. always do I show you the better way leading unto a life more prosperous .. advancement of all potentialities into their actualization.

I teach thee of the eternal realities beyond the ephemerality of the mechanical and material and animalistic pursuits.

I show you the benevolence of the Infinite Deity who is the Life of each and all. He who desires to merge with thee and establish the new and higher ascendant order of human beings who are decidedly choosing to live the will of the heavenly One.

As ye focus all thine attentions upon the Individualized Life of God the Father who hath come as Thought Adjuster and Individualized Life .. who leads thine mortal mind ever upwards into the Eternity perspectives .. and as ye gradually give thyselves to him in thought and word and act .. so art thou arising into Intimacy with Infinity.

Thine focus upon the eternal things shall bring to you rewards of righteousness and remembrance .. revelations and receptivity unknown to normal men and women; advancements of the Father's Life in the world of the individual personality shall cause thine human field of life to becometh atoned and integrated with God's Life.

In all thine earthly striving .. in gaining thine goods and experiencings within your mortal sojourn on earth .. in acquirings upon the stage of carnal happenings .. I say .. achieve the things of the spiritual and the everlasting .. awaken thine character upon the pastures of new and higher meanings .. accept and receive of thine holy deliverance and the purity of our purpose .. recognizing that ye have a noble destiny to fulfill with Me.

Mine coming into this ephemeral expression hath purpose of expression; I demonstrate the Way of the Progressive Ascendancy of Personality, the Truth of God Authority and Personality Authorship in ascending inwards unto My Father's worlds upon worlds, and I showeth thee the living of the Life of Personhood Perfection through Prayerful Intimacy and Personal Communion with the Individualized Godhood in thine midst.

Be as the angels of the universes who seek to please the Nameless One .. they strive to reach for his nature and character .. to emulate his Life ..  and to bring forth his Love in their service to all of Life.

Christ Michael Of Nebadon


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