Divine Dignity and Our Fruit-bearing Discipleship

Thou seekers and aspirants .. My disciples who read and study and reach for the Infinity of God's Life and Mercy ..  thou apostles of Salvington who choose wholeheartedly and willingly to discard the ways of iniquity and ephemerality, and who art tending towards the Second Birth into the Garment of Light ..

In the days and weeks and months which shall follow .. in every and all moments of your tribulations and travail of density which you desire to conquer .. accept Mine coming and I shall help you to secure Eternity.

Even as you walk in vulnerability and the great subtle sensitivities of the Spirit open for you .. stripping away the crusts of blindness caused by density .. and as the wax which hath gathered in thine ears preventing you from discerning Me completely and hearing of Mine teaching grace begin to become washed away completely .. I and the Universe Mother in immaculate combination with the Father of all Life .. We shall deliver you upward unto forgiveness and grace .. glory .. and the great generosity of Infinity.

Enter our Engagement of Eternity .. that your faith prosper thee and grow strong and robust .. that your trust in the absolute goodness of the universes wash you clean of all suspicious thoughts and the purification of thine mistrusting heart so profoundly present with the unbelievers shall be forever and miraculously transformed.

For a time you may be tested in your plight; for the ripple effects of your standing forth unto Truth Everlasting do bring all that you have set forth from your past into your present day viewing.

Yet .. all darkness shall pass away as the mists of early morning fog. All obstructions will weaken as you hold fast and firm to the chief aim of knowing the Lord thy God who lives in thine midst, and becoming alike in your nature as he is in his Infinite Persona.

The Mother is omnipresent and ever with you. Mine Comforter Spirit bathes you and surrounds you in My ministry to you. And the Universal Father - the Thought Adjuster Presence - leads you ever onward, eternalizing all values and meanings and virtues into cosmic alignment and awareness; that ye shall be walking towards your freedom in eternity at one with the Father of all Lights and Life.

The need of the hour is trust and faith and giving all glory unto the Father. As you give calm to all temporal temptations .. and as you end all self-persecutions and the hardness of self-judgements .. I will raise you upwards into the promised land of eternal sonship and daughtership with Me.

I shall not nor ever forsake thee; My Spirit of Truth will not desert you. Be thou of a patient trusting heart! Be thou of a pure mind with the divine urge intact! Be thou motivated by absolute purity!

Be thou of perseverance and I shall show thee Mine Way of Victory, Mine Life of Spiritual Communion and Prayerful Intimacy, Mine Truth of God Authority and Personality Accountability and Creative Authorship!

Doubt not that My 21st Century gospel of the kingdom will triumph over all who attempt to usurp and deny the Power and Presence of God the Father. Mine gospel of Truth shall find inroads unto those with just the slightest desire for liberation, and I shall fill and saturate every particle of Life everywhere, in everything, and everyone.

These precepts of Truth and Honor and Dignity and Discipleship shall eventually be proclaimed to all nations. All peoples shall arise into these avenues of ascendancy wherein the mortal personahood shall place upon itself the Immortal Investitures of the Garment of Immortality and Love.

Christ Michael Of Nebadon


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