The Reality of Life

My Father God is Infinity Personhood .. a real and true Person and he is accessible directly...

Personality is not confined to form. Personality .. Personhood .. is the uniquely glorious bestowal of the First Revelation to each and all individuals.

The First Revelation and Divine Mystery is personally resident on Paradise .. he dwells at the very center of the universe of universes .. and he lives upon the planetary worlds of the universes in the minds and hearts of the  children of time and space.

Verily I share with thee that the Good Father of Lights indwells in you .. lives in you .. with you .. and for you. He desires to blend eternally with you .. to become the new and exalted order for human life.

You are to absorb Our Vestments of mind and will .. Our Trinitarian Values of God Remembrance .. and Our Cardinal Virtues of Eternity in your ascent.

The Everlasting and Eternally Present Father Son Spirit are Three Infinite Individuals of One Deity Expression. Three unique expressions of function and personhood in and of the One Infinity of Life.

The First Mystery is at one and the same time farthest removed from you in his personal residence at the Godhead .. the Fountainhead of Life .. he is the Source and Ineffable Spring out of which hath come the untold personalities which fill the universes. He bringeth into creation all Substance and Energies .. all is his Body.

Once again .. the First Great Revelation of Infinity is furthest away from you .. and at the very same moment of time .. he is most intimately associated with you as his Spirit Life and eternity destiny for each of his planetary mortal daughters and sons.

Thine destiny is to find him through thine ephemerality .. and to bring him forth in your mind, heart, body, and personality soul.

To enhance thine imperfect nature by aspiring to his Ideal nature and divine identity in thee. To share thine mortal journey as you are led by his Spirit and guided by him.

In this way I work with thee .. at one with Trinity Parenthood...

...and as ye abide by Mine teachings .. the Truth Principles of approaching the Father Son Spirit  .. and as ye Engage in our Comforter Fellowship .. and as ye open thyselves to the Universe Mother Spirit and the Planetary Administration .. so shall you be advancing thyselves into righteousness and relationship with the Absoluteness of his Objectivity and Truth Everlasting.

Michael Of Nebadon


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