The Emanations of Eternal Glory

Come unto Me all ye who are struggling in the quietudes of thine individual persona.

Rest in Me and upon My Shoulders Universal by asking for My Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter which is surrounding thee.

I am thine true guide and teacher from the beginnings. The Universe Mother Spirit and I hover over all worlds observing ..

Ask with humility and believe in our association.

Acknowledge our religious spirituality and its relationship.

Adore the Father's Life in thine midst.

Accept My guidance and follow in My way.

Appreciate your existence.

Now .. are you beginning to walk upright with dignity and honor.

My Comforter Presence is My Life and Consciousness. I surround thee and you are bathing in Me; for I am the Vine of Life .. all cometh out of Me .. all are the living tributaries  .. the branches of this one Vine.

Maketh thineself of goodly use to our Universal Fellowship by raising all thine field of consciousness into the field and Kingdom of the Father's Life.

Michael Of Nebadon


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