Infinite Love

Mine children of this universal home ..

I sayeth unto thine precious heart .. will you arise and risk to receive of My love for thee? Or shall you say on one hand that you believe in My Comforter Presence and at the very same time would you deny Me in your believing and receptivity?

I say unto thee .. will ye taketh Mine Universal Hand .. and traverse all thine experiences to enter into the intensity and depth of My love for you?

I say .. come thou child of the universes .. come unto Me with the weight of thine gloom and disbelief and pessimism and little self esteem .. and I shall raise thee beyond these artifices from ages past .. I shall give thee My love and forgiveness as you art willing with a whole heart to engage with Me.

I shall destroy all thine self-hatred and despair which block thine way unto the Father's Life.

Now do I encourage thee to arise into the fullness of believing in Me .. in this 21st Century Bestowal Mission and in My Everlasting Comforter Spirit of Truth .. to lay hold of this faithfulness of our relationship.

Verily verily in the Kingdom of God shall you discover all grace and mercy and forgiveness according to your own concepts of the Infinity of God My Father.

Maketh not our Father God in thine flawed image wherein you believe that He is judgemental and punishing and intolerant and unapproachable .. nay do I reveal to you now that our Universal Father whose Life lives in thee .. is all-goodness .. unimaginable beauty of character and understanding mercy .. immeasurably patient and just and forebearing in his love for thee.

Our God is the Ineffable Glorious Spirit that is Life .. Life approachable and accessible and unwaveringly generous and of peace. He punishes not .. nor does he hold thee in judgements and injury. Our Father God shall not be measurable according to mortal taint and stain and limitations .. for He is great and grand and inexhaustible with his forgiveness and mercy.

I stand with you .. I knoweth thee .. I see thine wickedness and rebelliousness and stubbornness of heart .. and yet .. I love you .. I support thee in your strivings for greater light of understanding and love of transformation into the potentials of sonship and daughtership with Me.

All thine shame and dishonesty and Irresponsibility and low self-worth .. all these attitudes shall become washed clean and made clear in our relationship. Thine past hath been darkened and degraded and ill-defined by your imagery .. yet, do I love thee and care about your education and unfolding in his glory.

I know thine inconsiderate ways .. thine inconsistencies in prayer .. and ever do I understand thine fears of discipleship with Me .. thine doubts regarding the reality of My Presence with you .. My love for you unconditionally pouring forth into thine heart as you are willing to receive Me.

My Eternity Word to you is this .. I dare you to come forth .. to enter with Me thine Engagement of Eternity. I dare you to trust that My love hath no limits nor bounds. That I love you just as you are .. and am devoted to you beyond measure.

That I have come here and now into this Bestowal Incarnation to maketh of thee the sons and daughters of promise and potentialities unfathomable and all-enduring.

I love you just as you are .. My love waits not to love you as you might be or should be. Our association is of Eternity .. for it hath not conditions nor condemnations. Our association is an ever-advancing glory unto the wider ideal of our Father .. the higher standards of the Son .. the immaculate possibilities of the Spirit.

I am come to demonstrate to you the opportunities that await you with My love for thee.

Michael Of Nebadon


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