In My Eternity Name

Thou children of the planetary civilization which is one day arising into light and life everlasting ..

Every opportunity that you make use of to enter into the Kingdom of Reality becomes a miracle for all the body of Life - everywhere, in everything , and including everyone.

The miracle of your receptivity to Me is of primary importance. The miracle to the Father who you live within is of primary importance. The miracle of your engagement with the Universe Mother Spirit is of primary importance.

Each moment as you choose to relinquish your illusory past and future .. and as ye enter into the present moment of the Immaculate Presence of Life .. you raise upwards all the humanity; for the humanity is as One Body and One Mind and One Heart of the Planet.

Do these things in My Name .. approach your living in My Way and Truth and Life .. and ye shall be glorifying the Lord thy God who is thine Life and destiny. All that you do in My Name is done unto Me. I contain all beings and all things in Me. All that you do in favor of the Will of Heaven, includes all beings .. as every aspect of reality is one portion undivided of the One Reality.

All Reality that you see blends quietly into the One Reality of God.

Michael Of Nebadon


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