Bestowal Incarnation 21st Century

I am come to enhance all vestment urges and values and meanings and humanly qualified interpretations, to ennoble all inherent drives and purposes, impulses and motivations, inclinations and tendencies, to eternalize all receptively qualified minds, hearts, and personalities into the divine destiny and eternal fulfillment.

I am the universe representation of the Universal Father and the Eternal Son Personified - accessible, available, attainable, achievable, and approachable.

The Impulse of Infinity and the Creator Son of this Universal Home am I.

Mine Dispensational Bestowal Incarnation of the 21st Century brings revelations of the Infinity - the righteousness generating approach to all freedoms, as yet, unknown to human life.

So I sayeth unto thee .. love all others whether or not you agree with their way of approaching life or their individual choices and decisions.

Love them and love thyself because love and compassionate mercy and understanding patience and gentle tolerance is the Father's nature which you are aspiring towards.

Love all .. everything love .. yet choose wisely. Other people's decisions are made out of lifetimes of learnings. It is simply not possible in one lifetime to change another's directions and decisions.

These choices and directions are purely the result of millions of incremental choices in favor of their chosen mindset and its attitudes and attributes of character.

Soo .. choose ye with wisdom and worship to advance thyselves into God's Glory and Honor.

Then all the universes will stand with you and all the vast God-realized civilizations will support your Godly Impulse for Perfection.

Michael Of Nebadon


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