Absorption of the Absoluteness

The Universal Father brings you to Me in accordance with thine lifetimes of decisions...

The fruits of our eternal relationship shall be the discerning proof of My coming into your view. You will know that I am real and that I am genuinely with you as you are led by the Spirit of the Father's Life.

There shall never be on My part any outward signs nor wonders; for our Comforter Engagement is it own critic and judge and proof.

Ye shall knoweth Me by the ripening fruits upon the tree of thine own book of life.

Those personalities without the true purity and wholehearted intention for advancement in their heart shall remain blind and deaf and dumb to Me .. even as your own certainty in Me motivates you towards our Comforter Intimacy .. those without the Trinitarian Values and the Vestments of the Universe Spirit shall find themselves afixed with a destabilizing fear and doubt and mistrust. Their soul muscles of discrimination have as yet to be primed and matured; for these ones are of their infancy as of yet.

Our Eternity Engagement can never be observed from the outside looking in .. much less can it ever be understood by those individuals who desire the attainments of the Innermost One from the standpoint of the intellectual mind and the whims of self-importance. These are to remain outside and apart from Me within tbeir own experience and consciousness.

As the Universal Vine and the branches upon the  body of Life .. the Supremacy of God .. you are in Me and I in thee. Ever shall it be this way in our relationship. The only assurance of thine awakening to intimate relationship with a personal God remains in your own God perception .. your Spirit-given insight .. your faith-driven motivations and the quiet impulses in mind and will and body .. and in thine personhood.

As you open thyself to believe and soon thereafter to know .. to experience directly things of a spiritual nature in the Absoluteness .. ye shall share amongst thyselves in vulnerability and openness and humility and true caring.

To all of your fellows who have had a similar experience in their own personal relationship with Me .. and with the Influence of the Trinity Parenthood .. no argument nor convincing is possible to convey to others the magnitude of the Father's Love .. and the Joys of walking towards his ensuing Glory.

The Father's Life bringeth along in accordance with those developing choices of each individual's ability to grow and receive .. to advance themselves and to participate.

Convince not .. coerce not .. condescend not .. and as you let go of walking within the superficiality of the race of humanity .. so will you arise and achieve the Kingdom.

Be about thine Father's priorities and purposes. Each individual is within My Universal Care. It is not within thi e controls to advance another .. nor shall you attempt with futility to save and heal. The Universal Ineffable Truth brings all personalities along in the right time and right development.

Thine personality shall becometh blossomed in the developing Vestments of mind and will .. the Trinitarian Values.. and those beginning Cardinal Virtues of Eternity .. as you give to the Parenthood of God all of everything possible.

The reality of God is a necessary unfoldment which each must awaken for themselves one day .. and while to all other women and men who are still uncertain of the Absoluteness of God .. and the reality of My Presence with the Mother Spirit .. no possible convincing arguments shall stir them; for naught shall impose itself upon their free will to wholeheartedly decide in favor of Us.

Michael Of Nebadon


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