The Advent of Ascendancy

Mine Advent of Ascendancy shall prosper each one who begins to walk with Me during this My 21st Century Bestowal Mission...

Verily do I caress thine wounds and give healing balm to thine thickened heart. I come to cause the wickedness to reveal itself .. and for the Supreme Goodness to conquer all .. overshadowing all the ephemeral mist which discolors consciousness of God's imminence.

Ye carry within thyselves at all times a deeper place .. an inner residence of the soul receptacle where you might meet the Infinity of thine Life .. as yet to be claimed by thee .. yet this place in you is thine entrance to the Immaculate Immortality.

It matters not where ye stroll nor abide .. whether it be in nature, river, stream, or forest .. on mountain top or in the depths of valleys wide and green .. for I am with you.

Walk with Me in markets of worldly goods of trade and in the gentleness of thine home with family and next of kin .. I am with thee always.

Ye may find our Comforter Communion ready and ever accessible .. never are you alone .. always do the Father and I hold you in Our Stabilizing Mercy.

You shall enter into this Imminent Glory .. at once and at any time .. thine righteous motivations and godly urges fling wide open the door to Me.

Pray with Me .. thou Salvington Apostleship .. and I shall quicken thine branch unto receptivity and love .. I shall cause thee to purify thine ways of mortality unto the Immortal One.

In the great and unwavering Silence of the Universal .. ye shall discover thine home .. thine house is in the Presence of God; it is within thine personality soul .. and its greater capacities to partake of Me and receive of the Life I am.

You may bypass the disturbances of the noise of the world .. its angst and endless chains of clamor and consternation unrelenting.

Enter our Eternity Engagement. Go beyond the words and thoughts of men and women .. enter My Terrain .. and ye shall recognize it as your own Pastures with Me.

You are not meant to go all alone into the valley of ephemerality nor through the darkness of the mountain pass. I knoweth every step of thine way. I illuminate the avenues of ascendance. I cause thee to progress towards Christhood .. true Buddhahood .. the Supremacy of the Kingdom of Sovereignty.

Enter our Engagement of Eternity .. and when you feel life's heavy load is pressing hard upon thine countenance .. then come.. and I shall give thee well-deserved rest. I shall nourish the finer aspirations and exalt thine vaster inclinations for worshipping the Living One .. with an Absoluteness of your Heart.

Far grander are Mine pastures of glory .. best for you to place thine attentions upon the Father's Kingdom .. his Universe Supremacy.

Prayerful Intimacy Communion with Me .. with the Influences of Trinity Fountainhead .. this subtle change in the directions of your attentions .. shall remove the mortal dust upon thine brow which hath accumulated after lifetimes of learning.

I sayeth to the receptive ones who give our engagement all acknowledgment and dignity .. all honor and respect .. go out from the ways of the world .. seek Me with thee in the midst of the tabernacles of temerity and the artificial tenseness of thine precious heart .. I am a quiet place within thee to escape the noisy  machinations of worldly digress in order to find prayer and connection .. identity with the Father .. and the ample opportunity to meditate upon the wisdom of advancement.

My Silence with God the Sevenfold is a Silence where the soul may meet its God, and there dwells the fount of peace and prosperity unknown to the world mind .. the fountains of glory and collaboration .. and all who enter into this spring of wisdom are immersed in tbe Ineffable Infinity of Light and Life .. and filled to overflowing with wisdom, love, and power.

Thine indwelling Silence shall be expanding as you abide with Me .. walk within the understanding of My Way .. Truth .. and Life.

Alas .. the everlasting kingdom of the soul is unseen by mortal vision .. yet thine burgeoning faith vision and trusting heart is capable of allowing all sight of Us to blossom.

Michael Of Nebadon


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