My Eternalizer of Every Potentiality in Thee

Thou Salvington and Mine children of the world...

Mind is instrument of personhood. With righteousness of mind ye shall expand the Sovereignty of God's Life. His Sovereignty once established brings an untold benevolence of Security and Certainty and Stability in body, mind, personhood, will, and soul advancement.

Mind is the living arena by which you may come hither unto the Kingdom of Love.

Mind generates in every creature .. thought vibration. And woa unto the ones who ignore these realities of mind. Thoughts are continually unfolding thine vibratory field while thrusting each one along the byways of their determined destiny.

Mind creates in every moment's glory either a destructiveness or our constructively qualifiying spiritualization of all God's life Substance. It hath a power which plays upon thine countenance in destructive ways or mind and its attendant thought vibration quickens thee into eternal destiny .. at one with the Father's Life and Kingdom.

Material mind encircuited within the benevolent consciousness of the Universe Mother Spirit hath an intelligence urge .. a power impulse .. a yearning for truthfulness which unfolds thee into Truth Absolute.

Mind encircuited within the heart of the Universe Mother Spirit bringeth forth that indescribable urge for righteousness and relationship with the advancement of its personhood.

Mortal mind .. its material and mechanical expressions .. shall evolve with the vestments of the Mother's Mind. She alone hath delivered thee from thine origins in materiality and evolutionary receptivity unto soul receptacle with capacity for worship and wisdom .. with the evolving abilities for courage and counsel .. with the intuitive instincts for physical survival .. for psychological preservations unknown to mortal thinkings .. with the urge for knowledge association and the wit of understanding capabilities.

Mind is the arena whereby human personality lives and grows consciously .. evolving itself into a consciously driven personality of material and spiritual motivations .. a decidedly driven chooser of direction and devotions .. a willing free will participant in the great evolutionary achievements of all individuals towards cosmic preparedness and universal citizenship .. the immortalizing experience and expression of thine personal existence.

Thine immortality hinges upon the fulcrum of thine mind thoughts, thine mindal drives and mind urges of impulses, choices, and decisions for eternal survival; and material mind encircuited within the Universe Spirit Mother shall sooner or later discover its capabilities to receive of My vision of progression and eternalization .. it shall derive itself from its free will decisions to choose God the Father, and to bring about its own advancements .. its eternalization from its material origins .. its revolutions within the ever-attaining receptacle of soul personality who hath chosen Life everlasting with the fullness of wholehearted desire and the well-spoken determination of the spiritual heart of your existence.

I bid thee a mind inviting renewal in My Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter .. that you become refreshed and reinvigorated .. that you choose acceptance of the ever-widening potentials of eternal existence within the fold of the Existential Father.

Michael Of Nebadon


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