Engagement of Eternity Awakens

Thine race .. its civilization of lives .. individuals hunger for advancement in light.

Light is understanding .. knowledge .. purpose and vision .. to raise thine aspirations toward this progression and ascendancy shall give thee thine freedom in Eternity.

All nations, peoples, tribes, and tongues crave to find their way .. and righteousness shall prevail .. justice and love will overturn the evolutionary tables of enslavement and unholiness .. where Personhoods shall conquer all adversaries and where simplicity of human will and correct choice shall conquer this unholiness of character and consternation and concern.

The race hath evolved in its urge for Objective Truth moreso than ye might imagine. All the peoples do clamor to find their way unto eternal stabilization and everlasting security in the One Absoluteness of Life.

The peoples of all nations and every dialect of language shall enter the Kingdom of God as each individual gives to Him their righteous and holy acknowledgment .. their duly earned appreciation and acceptance of the One Parenthood of God.

I sayeth unto you who hath arrived upon Mine Fellowship Eternal .. we have a purpose to achieve .. a visionary ideal to become in thee.

The wheel of evolutionary development has been turning .. and the opportunity abounds with a Joyfulness and Justice.

A new and higher garment shall have its seed be planted in you .. and these seeds of glory and respect shall be gradually placed upon thine shoulders as you step forth beyond the ephemeral slavery .. and as ye choose wholeheartedly to arise into our Prayerful Intimacy Communion and the everlasting potencies of God Victory.

Thine older and worn out garments of humanly tailored cloth have given way to time and human struggles in an immeasurably great way .. a newly woven garment is made ready for My disciples who art prone to their advancements in Light and Life through the omnipotence of Love.

...and these newly-made garments are certainly of the new order of humanity .. they have been woven by the hand of the Trinity .. the threads of earnestness and utter sincerity .. the dyes of our Eternity Engagement and Fellowship .. the Trinitarian Values .. the stitching of the vestments of mind and will are made virtuous in thee only as you hold steadfast upon the Patterns of Perfection .. the Primordial Pattern of Paradise.

Each and every portion of Life is precious to Me .. and the age which hath arrived for human life invokes a newly delivered sense for true liberty and godly-derived creativity ..  unleashed by your intention and limitless in its scope of decency.

Every passing breeze which cometh perpetually out of the higher worlds bringeth the winds of honor and dignity for the One Life everywhere to be discovered.

I am thine Universe Father Son Personified ..  come forth immersed in our Supremacy of Deity for thee.

Michael Of Nebadon


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