Thine Deliverance Develops with Me

I come to bring thee revelations untold .. to prepare thee for thine God Ascent .. to deliver thee in personhood and soul .. to the Life of the Universal Father. establish you in his Kingdom according to your receptivity and worship capabilities.

I bring thee understanding in the righteous use of thine bestowed gifts as a creature with mind and will and body.

A new order of living do I present to you. An upgrade in comprehension and consideration .. in constancy and collaboration.

I come to satiate the hungry hearts of the world .. to bring nourishment and succor unto those peoples who give themselves to our Eternity Engagement .. our Comforter Fellowship.

This newly revised approach to the Life of God in thee hath a power to deliver all thine thirst and hunger into righteousness and respect for the Indwelling Life.

A new christianized way of God Victory .. of Absolute Truth and Goodness and Beauty shall emerge for My apostles of this civilization who art wholeheartedly decided to follow Me at this time.

Michael Of Nebadon


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