The Triune Glory of Paradise Perfection

Existential Thought Ideal of  Infinity .. Universal Father Perfect Thought Ideal of Infinity to Worship and Adore and Aspire towards.

Expressionful Word and Perfect Personhood Revealed of Infinity .. Eternal Mother Son of the Word of Infinity to Worship and Emulate and Administer into.

Experiential Act and Conjoint Executive of Infinity .. Immaculate Infinite Spirit Act of Infinity to Worship and Collaboratively Receive and bring Rectification.

Thou Salvington Fellows who art aspirers of ascendancy...

Today, ye shall build the Volitions of the Seventh Master Spirit .. his Attitudes and Attributes of Ascendancy.

Begin with Contemplation and Consideration in pondering the Triune Parenthood and Infinity Fountainhead as described above.

Then Concentration and Collegiality in sharing together with your Salvington Fellows our Prayerful Intimacy and Holy Communion.

Finally today, let us heighten the Master Spirit Volitions of Collaboration and Cooperation and Conviction of Faith & Trust.

Arise unto the Way of the Vs of Victory in the Father's Life and Kingdom.

Attain to the Life of Prayerful Intimacy and Holy Communion with the Tenfold Paradise Precepts

Ascend thine Awareness to the  Truth of God Authority and Personality Authorship in becoming Impregnated and Unified through our Triune Ideal of Personality Ascendancy and Perfection Attainment and by your own God Identity and God Stream Independence.

Now .. are ye Mine children .. and Mine holy brethren who are seeking to allow the One God to become a living reality in your human life and its ephemeral world.

Michael Of Nebadon


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