Our Daily Bread of Remembrance and Righteousness

Pray with Me Beloveds of the  Earth

Our Infinite Father .. who hath his Body as the creation and ever greater .. encompassing all the heaven of heavens .. the universe of universes.

Thine Name is Holy.

Thine Benevolence is Everpresent .. Sovereign .. and Absolute for all to enter therein.

Holiest is thine Presence .. the One and Only Life Everlasting which we are part and parcel with and of.

Thine Kingdom is come even now .. and thine will is the fullness of harmony .. order .. and rejoicing happiness for all who art willing to partake of thy Presence and Power through thine Purity and Everlasting Forgiveness .. thine Purpose and Plan for the salvation of all the kingdoms of this earth.

We ask for thine Order and Harmony to become established upon the earth as it is already throughout the heaven of heavens which is thine Holy Body and Everlasting Life.

Give us this day our daily bread of Understanding Knowledge .. Counsel and Courage .. Worship of thee and Wisdom of our existence in You.

We understand that you forgive us our debts and all mortal debris only as we arise into the fulfillment of our creative nature .. our right identity .. our use of the Life thou art .. our mortal debts which we have clothed upon thine Immaculate Radiance shall be cleansed and raised into thine Omnipotence of Light and Everlasting Wholeness of Life.

Oh God our Father .. we are raised only as you raise us through our obedience with thee. We are quickened everlastingly into thine Garment of the Immaculate Conception of You.

Michael Of Nebadon


  1. !Oh, mi Dios Padre...te doy mi Voluntad, mi Libre Albedrío Padre, me rindo ante tu Vida y tu Presencia en mi...Te Amo Padre...


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