Inheritance of the Ages

Oh Mine brethren...

Thine Father in his heavenly abode emanates the sunshine upon the evil as well as upon the good.
He sendeth his rains of plentiful abundance upon the just and the unjust.

Now .. ye have found Me herein .. Mine ministry of the 21st Century is overflowing with opportunities for thine growth .. thine Stability and Sovereignty to come to birth.

Ye are the earthly children of this terrestrial orb with the opportunity to transform thine mortal nature into an Immortal expression of resplendent Light and Life wherein ye shall become born into a Second Birth as the newly emerging sons and daughters of God.

Ye shall discover thine inheritance in the Father's Kingdom which I am bringing forth upon the earth for all time. Now, are you each Mine servants .. now the ambassadors of My Father’s Kingdom throughout the universes, and you are becoming well prepared for your eternal service and expression in the higher octaves of living as you walk together with Me, and as you abide in Mine teachings of Freedom and Love.

Be thou merciful .. even as God is merciful in his infinite nature. In the eternal future of the Kingdom of His Absoluteness .. you shall be ever more perfected in grades upon grades of evolutionary advancement.

Perfect in grace and alignment and service .. even as our heavenly Father is perfect in his realms of Perfection Absolute with the Eternity Son and the Immaculate Spirit...

Christ Michael Of Nebadon


  1. Oh Dios nuestro Padre Universal, Hijo Eterno y Espíritu Inmaculado...gracias.
    Gracias Christ Michael


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