All are Deities

Thou Salvington Family...

How will you know if progression of your personality mind will and soul is occurring?

I say unto thee .. You are either decelerating or accelerating in your vibratory field.

If you are Materializing into
Density and Darkness…then, these signs will be with you:

Searching .. Struggling .. Suffering .. Sympathizing .. Separating .. Superiorizing ..

Yet .. if you are accelerating into Light and Life through the omnipotence of Love, then you will be Eternalizing and Spiritualizing
into the Kingdom...and these signs shall be vivid and obvious in thee:

Stabilizing .. Securitizing .. Certaintizing .. Sovereignizing .. Satisfying .. Serenity .. Safety ... and greater as you build your Intimacy with the One Infinity.

The experience of being surrounded by a universe saturated with goodness, truth, and beauty.

The Holy Breath is the God Life everywhere present.

The Universal Spirit of Existence is One .. all things are Him ..

This is his Kingdom of Life whereby all are members of One Body and One Mind and One Spirit of Life. Yet, you are also unique individuals of the One .. with personhood and will and mind and destiny.

Enter into this Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Life. All kingdoms upon the earth dwell therein. Every creature is equally as important.

And when you crush beneath your foot a spider or an ant .. when you swat at a flying creature .. when you sit in judgement upon one another .. you've done it to Me.

As you love one another .. seeing this One Life in the others .. caring for them as much as you care for thyself .. so does the throne of God rejoice .. so does the throne of Paradise celebrate.

Verily .. it is a truth that as the bird sings out its lullaby for all with ear to hear .. all the lives do become affected and do vibrate in unison to help her sing.

The little ant constructs her home .. the bee works to stabilize its sheltering comb .. the spider weaves her web .. and flowers breathe into themselves the spirit of Life to grow in their perfume for all life to experience.

The spirit of Life gives and gives of himself .. offering strength to all and intelligence to any who will open wide and receive.

Truly .. all men and women, kitties and puppies, bees and spiders and ants and birds and gnats .. all beasts of the jungle and creeping things and crawling creatures upon the earth's ground .. these are all deities in their own right .. deities who are partaking of the body of flesh in order to advance themselves into the fuller Life.

The God of all Life who I speak to you of is omnipresent .. he is all intelligence and all wisdom and understanding.  He is Omniscience itself and so much more .. his very nature and character and capacity is Love .. Omnipotent Love which touches to all and changes the many into the One.

Our Life Source needs no sacred places nor ceremonies nor special landscapes .. he is everywhere and everyone is his child .. his temple is the sky and rock .. the stream and hill .. all are within his Body of life.

He shall not be encompassed by walls of edifices run by priests and clerics .. for the Universal Absolute embraces all .. is the all .. encompassing everything.

...and ye are one who lives in Him .. moves in his Body around thee .. who hath his being in His great Being.

I bid thee conscience and consciousness .. wakefulness and wonder .. aspirations and adorations of acknowledgment.

Michael Of Nebadon


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