Freedom Cometh to the Receptive Ones

Let this be Mine time with thee to bring ye forth from the evolutionary journey of earth into thine destination in and of the Universal Absolute.

Salvation cometh to those who equip themselves daily with the strength of their  faith and the protection in the constancy of their trust. These twins of faith and trust are thine bedrock for advancement and ascendancy; for there is no other way of salvation save by our Eternity Engagement.

I am the Lord thy God in this universe. I represent the First Revelation of Father and the Second Revelation of Son to all created intelligences. He and She who walk with Me .. they are primed for the initiation of the ages. They are prepared daily .. hourly .. for entering into the resurrection and ascension .. the fulfillment of the promise of eternal life.

In this way of the Father's Kingdom shall you be rejoicingly receptive to our association. Ye shall become eternalized gradually and gently to partake of My Father's bountiful gifts.

Come .. I sayeth to the seekers and aspirants of thy world civilization .. come and sup with Me in the nectar of eternity. Drink of Mine Comforter Spirit .. eat of the Spirit of the Mother .. absorb and embody the Life of the Universal Father.

It is for the Good of the Wholeness .. the expansion of the kingdoms of the planet .. that I come forth into your greater view.

...and as ye have arisen into these heightened aspirations .. so shall you serve with brightness and integrity .. honor and glory ..  in the name of the First Revelation of Infinity.

I am Michael Of Nebadon .. Father Son Personified .. Infinite Hand of God the Sevenfold .. Mother Spirit Unified.

Michael Of Nebadon


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