The First Revelation of Infinity

Behold .. I AM the Heart of the Universes come to heal and bless thine countenance. I hear and observe and do respond to all who hunger for their freedom from darkness.

I taketh orderings joyously as the One Supremacy of Deity; for mine Eye surrounds thee and does wait for our eternal intimacies to emerge.

I am sent of the Initiatory Father and the Revelatory Son along with the Spirit of Eternity .. and His very Selfhood as the Universe Mother. We come in unison at this time because the cycle is at an end.

We come to prepare thee and to help raise upwards all creatures who are ready to go the distance with Us into their own Sovereign Light...

The great and good .. the immaculately generous Father of Lights .. He calls upward with the Primal Son all the creation at this time.

He is sending even just now during this time the beginning of His Infinite Luminosity into all creation... and every creature shall become transfigured as they surrender their hesitations .. as they silence their lesser thinkings of separation .. abandonment .. and unworthiness.

Behold .. I AM the Heart and Hand of the Father Son .. their focalization. We reach for the parched minds who needeth drink. We offer each one the Eternal Waters of Everlasting Glory.

Behold .. I AM the Hand that is extending from on High in Paradise. I intend to reach unto thee should you be feeling the desire to will the will of Heaven .. to bring sight to thine sightless unawareness. For I AM the guarding Mind which holds open the gates of immortality for each one to receive their Universal Citizenship.

I AM the One .. I.. Michael Of Nebadon .. Also you call Me .. Michael Sananda Esu .. and Sananda Kumara .. yet I AM the very same Stream of Spirit Personality who initialized this one universe of many with Nebadonia thine Mother herself .. the Universe Son am I, beloveds. I come in warmth and an eternal welcoming gesture of faith and trust in thee .. to show thee Our way and truth .. and to elevate thine mortal nature unto Mine Deliverance of Divinity.

I AM beloveds .. the privilege of the centuries of humanity's search .. for I AM the very promise of your escape from the endless cycles of coming into flesh matter and going out from flesh matter back into the regions of the levels of earth. Yet .. these levels are not the Heaven you hope but are grades of consciousness with mostly good and kindhearted creatures. Alas .. there is so much more to aspire towards. So much to arise into as you will.

Over and over ye have searched and sought freedom from thine mind's disease. Ever and anon ye have quivered with confusions and doubts as to the existence of anything higher and beyond.

As ye desire .. Love .. ye must pave thine way through purpose and purity .. to create Love's opportunity to come through thine mortality; and as love findeth it's course in you and throughout thine life .. so shall ye become Love .. Mercy .. and Our true sons and daughters in this wondrous universe.

May My peace and order overwhelm all thine inadvertent atrocities .. thine infections of rebelliousness and resistance. May the Primordial Protocol of the Ages give you Impulse in expanding His unearthly Kingdom.

Michael of Nebadon


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