Deliverance through Character Growth

Thine search for the Father's Kingdom is the quest for deliverance .. and for the fulfillment of the ages.

Lifetimes have ye been perplexed and distanced from delivering thyselves into Truth Absolute who lives in thee. Thine ephemeral mind with it's own set of values has taken you further and further away from us.

I say .. the Kingdom of Today .. as in all days .. I give thee sustenance and the vast and higher nobility of warmth and care...

Verily do I say to thee .. open thine heart to hear Mine words. Give thyselves to listening with the mind and hearing with thine heart; only then shall you understand My meanings, purpose, directives, and venture with you.

I am come to reveal the Father Son Spirit of all Life, and to show you how to bring this revelation to thyselves .. to maketh of thineself a Shepherd who enhances the Kingdom, expands the One Kingdom of Love.

In your fulfilling of the law of sowing and reaping, ye are to understand that your universe career begins here upon this earthly and planetary platform.

The evolutionary progression into light and life shall take you years and it shall ask everything of you. To know and understand these demands of the Spirit upon your mortal frame will give you strength in your expectations, and the wholehearted willingness to give yourself to this one way with your own Godhood Identity, and through the One Ideal of the Paradise Trinity Persons.

You are each the sons and daughters of God emerging into eternity .. into immortality as a personality.

As you work towards establishing this fact of your relationship with the Infinite God by faith in My word, then this fact becomes an eternal and living truth in your hearts.

Ye shall turn the pages of thine existence towards Sovereignty of the Spirit and Stability of mind and the Security of the heart of thine  Hearts.

Truth becometh reinvigorated in you by the Mother Spirit. Her Victory V's build in you priority and righteous desire for God. She matures thee along the way of the vestments of mind  .. those garments which are of her Circuitry of Thought.

These garments give capacity and capabilities of mind and will throughout thine personhood. The garments of the vestments develop in each individual the differential urges for our Trinitarian Values .. for the embodiment of the Virtuous Life wherein you are plussed and pulled inwards and compelled by love for Truth ever upwards.

Recognize that there is Our Absoluteness .. our Everpresent Truth and Love which seeks you in an even greater way than your seeking of Him.

I bid thee courage of mind to confront thyselves into truthfulness; for this constructive confrontational convergence begins the journey .. the ennoblement  .. the enhancements of thy divinity.. thine God ascent into honor and dignity.

Christ Michael Of Nebadon


  1. Marvelous message enters in my heart and mind profoundly.........thanks for Your love Beloved Christ Michael


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