The Cosmic Mind Responds

The Cosmic Mind of the Third Center and Divine Source .. God the Spirit .. shall give response to your thoughts as you learn to cultivate three unfailing gradations of mind in you.

Then, will you be entering into this mindal reciprocity .. a religious relationship shall develop for you. The response of the Infinite and Cosmic Mind is reality responsive to all personalities.

And as you nourish mortal mind in the ways of God Victory .. so will you discover the fulfillment of this responsiveness relationship blossoming for you.

The Infinite Mind responds to each personality as these three avenues of creature development and ascendancy are adhered to and ripened by you.

1. The mind of growing causation is a personality mind emerging out from Cause rather than a reactive mind lost in its own effects.

As your mind dwells in the domain of the reality of your physical senses, as mind is tutored in the scientific areas of logical uniformity and rational clear thinking, as you develop mind which is vigilant in its discriminatory powers whereby it is a mind able to heighten the essential differentiation of the factual and the nonfactual, and as mind is tempered by its honest and truthful reflective conclusions based on actual cosmic response; these attributes of mind build and grow you into more objectivity, a kind of mathematical and factually driven cosmic discrimination which eliminates error and delusion.

2. The mind of duty is refined mind matured within the reality domain of morals in the philosophic sense. It is mind reckoned by the arena of reason, and the recognition of relative right and wrong. Here, truthfulness opens the way.

This is the developing morality of mind able to 'weed its own garden' into an empowering cosmic discrimination.

3. The mind of worship is mind in its rarified form .. its finer inclinations and urges. It is the emergence of the spiritual aspect of the reality of religious experience, the personal realization of our  divine fellowship, the recognition of eternal spirit values, the assurance of eternal personality soul survival, the awakening unto the God Ascent from the status of mortal servants of God into the joy and liberty of becoming the sons and daughters of God.

This is the highest development within the realms of evolutionary planetary progressions. Spirit insight and divine perception of the mortal mind in its venture to partake of cosmic mind.

It is this reverential, worshipful, and wisdom-seeking mind which hath a development trajectory into Immortality and Eternal Salvation. 

These more divinely scientific, morally-centric, and spiritually intuitive insights ..  these cosmic mindal responses, are innate in the Cosmic and Infinite Mind, which endows all will creatures with the propensity for advancement.

The experience of living and growing into this maturing development always seeks to develop these three cosmic urges; these three urges of mind seeking to be aligned with cause, to be morally-centric, and reverential in worship are naturally  constitutive in the self-consciousness of reflective thinking.

Contemplate these thoughts which I convey to you .. and venture to arise into your fullest possibilities.

Michael Of Nebadon


  1. Very vey interesting.........I have to read it more profoundly..........and then asking the way for discover this marvellous possibility of mind....Thank you Michael for always sorprise us with so beautifull and nourishing possibilities.......

  2. Si así es, me uno al comentario de Henny.
    Muchas gracias Michael


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