Merciful sons and daughters

Verily, those personalities who have mercy shall be merciful; and they with mercy do overflow with loving compassion for themselves and their friends and family.

Merciful sons and daughters of destiny are emerging upon this planetary civilization. Ye are mindful of Me. Careful in thine declarations of thought and feeling. You are currently seeking elevation of mind and purity of heart and body and soul. Thine personhood shall blend one day with God's Individualized Life. It shall raise it's aspirations higher into the everlasting aspirations of eternity.

I come to alleviate the suffering of feeling separate from God's Word .. and his Life. For this .. have I given understanding of the great law .. the understanding knowledge of learning to carry thine cross of misqualification into the Fatherhood of God .. this Everywhere Presence Parenthood of Divinity.

Michael Of Nebadon
University Of Salvington
Absolutum Charitas Ab Origine


  1. Bello hermoso Mensaje. Padre.Tu Misericordia Divina para todos tus Hijos. Gracias. Amado Señor de Nebadon.


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