You are this One

I sayeth unto you .. worship the One by acknowledgement of his power and glory. He is the unfathomable One .. the undefinable intelligence and power without stain nor taint.

...and you .. who and what are you?

You are this One, yet with taint of misqualification .. with the stain of over definition and over complication.

I say .. simplify psychologically. Simply thine personality soul. Dissolve the barriers which are self-imposed .. transfigure the clothing of overly defining thine Selfhood with vibratory activities and Influences and imperfections of qualification .. and allow this simplicity of God's Immaculate Luminosity .. his Pure and Homogeneous Life which you are .. to emerge by stripping away all images and ignorance.

For the Kingdom of God is subtle and it layeth in the depths beyond the surface noises .. the superficial relating. It is the prior unconditional naught .. the Primal Originating Unconditional Love underneath all the conditionings.

Michael Of Nebadon


  1. Yes My Lord.......I understand what You are sharing.......I only can say thank You for your observations......


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