Organized religion shall upgrade itself

Modern and overtly organized religion shall upgrade itself beyond the materialistically driven attitudes of the world consciousness; for true and pure religious spirituality shall always  lead the way of the civilization into Our purposes and meanings.

It shall adjust its attitude toward the present  shifting of all social changes because it must lead rather than become enmeshed in the unconscious attributes of mainstream society. In its weakness and ignorance, organized and institutionalized religion perpetuates unconscious separation from the one God. It has permitted itself to become so thoroughly traditionalized, dogmatized, and institutionalized that it has become useless and ineffectual.

The religion of direct consciousness of the God Force .. this provides individuals with a living experience of Eternal Values and Infinity Virtues and the Everlasting Vision of the Paradise Fountainhead. It finds no difficulty in leading the way .. ahead of all temporal social developments and chaotic economic upheavals. It regenerates and revivifying if it's personality faith and individualized trust in the One Absoluteness of God.

Our Pure Religious Spirituality of Prayerful Intimacy with the Individualized God Life Identity ever functions as a moral stabilizer, an everpresent personalized guide, and the only spiritual pilot equipped and capable of leading human life towards it's divine design.

True religious relationship is a daily reciprocal spiritual communion and spiritually driven momentum. It carries over from one age to another the worthwhile attributes of the global culture, and it sustains those eternity wisdoms which are naturally born of the experience of knowing God, understanding his ways, and striving to be like him in thy nature and identity .. thy motivations and momentums.

I am come to rejuvenate the avenues of ascendancy into your advancement of love and respect .. dignity and humility .. reciprocity and responsibility of heart.

Michael Of Nebadon


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