The Good Father reaches to every creature

Grace is God's Forgiveness and Mercy.  The Good Father reaches to every creature through his Merciful Ministrations of Forgiveness and Grace.

The Trinity Persons are Mercy-dominated. My Administration is Mercifully Overflowing.

As ye are accountable for the misqualifications you experience .. the disharmony of any suffering .. as you embrace thine errors, so shall the Father’s Mercy-dominated Radiation reach you and forgiveness will occur.

Michael Of Nebadon


  1. I need ....appreciate .....and receive....... the Merciful Ministrations of Forgiveness and Grace that reaches every creature......I am so grateful ....Thanks for so much Love...........

  2. Beloved Michael
    I pray again with the iiiiiiii
    beautiful is painful for me to see everything I have experienced in the past
    I did not want to cry,
    just because I love you I do it
    I will return to Salvington
    I am Liliana Zachary

  3. Amado Maestro soy testigo de la Misericodiosa Voluntad de la Trinidad hacia cada ser.. yo voy recibiendo dia a dia... en la medida que voy transfigurando,y transmutando todos mis errores en la Luz Misericordiosa y Consumidora de la Llama Violeta.. Infinita Gratitud... Amo Tu I AM,en mi..


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