University Of Salvington Educational Fellowship

The University Of Salvington is a global educational fellowship and universe communion with the Trinity Persons of Infinity. It is an awakening and an expansion of the kingdom of consciousness of the Universal Parenthood of God.

Salvington University is a global educational platform allowing to emerge in the individual personality soul all wisdom, illumination, and ascendancy.

The University Of Salvington is a White Lily League Private School. It's educational purposes enhance intimate personal religious contact and relationship with the Trinity Intelligence Circuits of the Persons of Infinity. Here, the individual personality learns and prepares to awaken their God potentials for the second Birth of Light and Life.

It is a dedicated way for every individual personality who desires to accelerate the unfoldment of their own Godhood into the Second Birth of Immortality and Eternal Life through the spirit attainment of their graduation into Cosmic and Universal Citizenship.

The Apostleship Of Ascendancy at Salvington is with the Universe Mother Spirit, the Universe Father Son Christ Michael, and the Universal Father individualized Life in you.

The education of the University Of Salvington unfolds for the individual an accelerated transformation through the precepts of the Universe Creator Son Michael Of Nebadon.

Enter Salvington University as an apostle of the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter of Christ Michael.

Practice daily the Prayerful Intimacy I's with the Trinity Persons and their Infinite Intelligence Circuits in order to wash away all obstructions in achieving a more fruitful intimacy with God who is your own individualized God Life.

These are the divine teachings of Christ Michael Of Nebadon who has come and taken upon himself a 21st Century bestowal to reach humanity.

Participate from your home.

Learn daily to experience a personal religious contact and connection, a purity of purpose, and a profoundly authentic .. genuine .. empowering .. relationship with the Universal Spirit of Life and Love.

Join together daily, weekly, and monthly with other individuals globally through our high-technology Planetary Campus and Salvington's Global Amphitheatrum for Christ Michael's University Lectures, the unique educational structure of the University Of Salvington's Colleges of Activities offering small group and one on one collegiate connections with other student apostles learning to become awakened, sovereign, and living in greater God mastery.

For information on how to act now for the upcoming semester, and to get involved in applying to become a candidate of the University Of Salvington, please write to our Admissions Office.

University Of Salvington
Office of Admissions


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