A wisdom of truth

Verily .. I tell thee a wisdom of truth .. a nugget of pure golden intelligence do I give to thee.

If you aren't actively raising thyself each day by Prayerful Intimacy with the Infinite One who is Individualized above you and in you .. and if you aren't consciously transfiguring the density and darkness of your personal vibratory activities of your field of personality consciousness .. then you are doing the works of the darkness.

I say unto thee .. arise and be about thine transfiguration and Resurrection into Cosmic Christ Citizenship.

Shed thine antiquated and unillumined ways of ephemerality, and mature thine personality gifts and tendons .. thine soul muscles .. thine endowment of personality, mind, and body .. in order to give yourself to the Individualized God Life above thee.

I come to ignite the weary ones who have grown accustomed to darkness and pain, and to stimulate the laggards and the lazy who have no fire in their veins.

I am come to gather the ready ones who desire with an unconditional wholehearted willingness .. an unconquerable surrender .. to enter into My Father’s Sovereignty as an Immortal Personalization of the Deity Of Supremacy.

He that hath ears let them hear, and she that hath eyes let them see the offering being given to the civilization and its suffering humanity .. it's kingdoms of animal, electron, elemental, nature, and planetary.

For the Father’s Initiatory Thought is the great blueprint of perfection which you shall now unfold in thee.

Michael Of Nebadon


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