When the sun rises

When the sun rises, darkness as well as the troubles arising from it disappear.

Similarly, for those who have realized the Spirit of Life as their own Godhood indwelling .. there is no longer any bondage, nor the sorrow arising from the bondage.

I say to thee .. delusion comes only to those who forget their bearings, and who have lost a sense of their purpose and meaning. Egoism is the greatest factor in making people forget their very basic Truth of sonship and daughtership with the Eternal God.

Once egoism enters the human mind and heart, it is as a poison .. and a cancer which strips away all authentic inclinations, and inhibits the possibilities of true love forming. Humankind falls away from the ideal and value of living the virtuous life with righteousness and honor. He and she then, precipitates the great and gradual fall as if slipping down the stairs of life .. from the top of the stairs in quickness and error humankind falls from step to step, down to the very bottom floor.

Egoism breeds schisms, hatreds and attachments. Egoism grows divisions and divisiveness amongst the population and within the civilization. Through misguided attachment and carnal  affection, and even envy and hatred, human beings take their plunge downward into ephemeral activities which add no such value nor virtue to their true goal and purpose of finding the eternal God and becoming alike to him in their nature.

Human beings become hypnotized by the senses and the mortal mechanical, thinking mind. They become immersed in the world. This leads to the almost endless embodiment in the physical frame through the womb of the mother ..  and as such, further egoism develops and grows upon their countenance and human nature like parasites which grab hold of their victim attempting to gain nourishment from them.

In order to become free from the extreme pulls of pleasure and pain, one must rid oneself of body-consciousness and keep clear of self-centered actions. This again involves the absence of attachment and hatred; desire to satiate the bodily urgings is the enemy number one of all freedom and liberation. The human mortal desire binds one to the identification with the body only, and pins them to the tapestries of mortal mechanical and material mind and heart. Their values are stricken and contracted.

Blood cannot flow through these constricted veins, and as such, the Life giving Impulse cannot flow through the individual who has melded themselves to the tendencies of divisive mechanical and material thinking. The only solution is to reach into the Parenthood of God, and to share outwardly with the Brotherhood of humanity and the Kingdoms of the earth.

Only then, shall you discover thine Godhood, prepare thyself for entrance into Its throne of goodness and truth, and arise into the great quickening of Universal Citizenship.

Michael Of Nebadon


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