Rejoice in the Universal Kingdom

May the Absolute Good Will of the Trinity Persons of Deity be upon you now.

Rejoice in knowing that I have prepared a way for each of you to advance into the freedom of your personality immortality.

Rejoice in understanding that I am eternally with you at all times. That My Personhood shows you the approach of the Immortal Ones who are now serving you to enter therein into the Universal Kingdom of My Father’s Life.

Rejoice that you have been brought to Me .. to achieve the graduation ceremony of the Second Birth into God's Holy Light and Life through the omnipotence of His Mercy-dominated Loving Nature.

Rejoice in walking with Me beyond the ephemeral landscape of effects and temporal appearance of the world; for I surround thee and am I the interpenetrating teacher guide of  thine personality being. I dwell with you at one with the Father Son with utter compassion and the thrilling faith trust strength of our progressive advancement.

The Supremacy of God depends upon your choices in each moment. This is the degree of your holiness of accountability to deliver yourself into this endearing Intimacy with the Paradise Infinity.

Rejoice thou child of the universes in perceiving that the way of approaching the Universal Spirit is made plain and simple for those who are willing and wholehearted.

Know that I AM the Universal Vine of the Lord thine God given from above the express responsibility of delivering you to the Father’s Kingdom of Freedom.

Yet, these gifts of God's endowment will avail you nothing unless you are cleansed by the eternal spirit .. and in this transmutation shall you come prepared and receptive and humblingly willing to claim your inheritance of the divine possession, and by the certitudes of your faith and trust, of the gifting of eternal life in your personality name within the book of life.

I do come bearing these gifts of actualizing potentials into the realities of glory. As you stand upright to attention upon the God Life, so shall you become the faith sons and daughters of My Father God, and in this act of your claiming the choice of righteousness .. ye shall never taste of death. Nor shall you perish in personality .. nor in your eternal personhood shall you re-enter the maternal womb of flesh and blood.

Mine gospel teaches that you are each the faith-made sons and daughters of destiny in the Father. And this joy producing gospel shall be carried to all the world; that our Paradise Father holds limitless love for each of his children .. that the time is come upon thee to enter intimately with him .. to give thyself to him in all ways through your willingness to share the Life of God.

The time is upon thee to learn to adore the Universal Parenthood of Paradise through pure adorational worship and praise of Him right wheresoever you reside in the world .. ye shall know that He Is!

Worship the Spirit of God where you are, as you are, and in spirit and in truth .. in righteousness and rectitude .. in respect and responsive receptivity. Evenso, I say to you .. worship him with the fullness of accounting for all your life experiences .. all your circumstances, your self-created environment, your personal relationships, and your sufferings and constructive achievements earthly.

Give to Him all credit and power and glory. Retain not one thing for thyselves, and ye shall findeth your reward delivered to you in the attainment of the Immortal Reality which is your heavenly increase and eternal destination in the heaven of heavens.

Thine human mortal faith and trustworthiness is the goodly impetus .. the omnipotent truthful driver .. of your salvation. Salvation is certainly the gift of God the Father to all who believe they are his sons and daughters, and who live in accordance with this knowledgeable understanding.

Rejoice thou child of destiny .. whilest thine salvation cometh through the demonstration of your faith .. yet, there are still further attainments to achieve; for upon your faith trust relationship you shall learn to bear the fruits of this spirit-filled life as it is lived in the flesh garment.

Rejoice in the acceptance of the Parenthood of Paradise, and the associated truth of the Universal Brotherhood and Sisterhood of creation.

So shall ye believe in My doctrine that you will come to perceive rightly thine brethren in the flesh as family, and your colleagues in the immortal octaves to be your brothers and sisters of eternity. And these Immortal Colleagues are perhaps your greatest benefactors in the attainment of your own eternal freedom.

I bid thee strength and durability and the courageously endowed character which bringeth about righteousness of decision and responsibility .. and a personality wholeness and maturing responsiveness for the gift of mercy to come upon thee in it's inevitable preparations to make of thee Mine Universal Divine Personalizations.

Michael Of Nebadon


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