Praiseful adoration

Ye shall live an inspired and spirit-filled life of praiseful adoration and divine worship. Thine allegiance and loyalties shall find firm footing as you become intimate with the Spirit Indwellor.

The authority of truth is the very spirit which lives in your midst. The living spirit and the alivened truth.

My gospel of the Universal Kingdom of God compels you to live in this wholehearted willingness to find the Father, and to become alike to Him in your nature attributes and character attitudes.

Ye shall direct thine creatively given focus towards the Absoluteness of God .. and as you do this in your earth moments, so shall you enter the new and exalted order of humanity.

A new beginning shall emerge for you. A renewal of faith and trust will blossom under these circumstances of ascendancy. Your personal reliance upon the living Father Spirit in your midst shall grow and prosper you in every way imaginable.

Through the mind and body of humankind shall divine truth shine forth in consciousness and character only as you enter association with the Trinity Persons. And I have offered you My precepts of attaining to your personality piousness and purity .. an approach of appropriately attending to this indwelling religious relationship.

All scriptures and other writings which the human nature has touched shall be regarded as fallible and partially tainted by human consciousness. Always, the divine truth in human experience is of only a relative purity .. and a partial divinity .. when held by humanity; for all evolutionary creatures can only possess this relative perfection at the most.

The revelations of truth are an open book for all to partake of. Only the mortal seals of density bring ignorance and bigotry .. arrogance and prejudice .. narrow mindedness and artificialities of every sort .. and these do cause men and women to become loyal to human error and fallacy.

The new light of My gospel whereby each individual personality has access to create intimacy with the Infinite Persons of Paradise Trinity is .. in part .. revelatory for human civilization.  Only through this personal direct religious relationship and eternal communion shall human beings gain access to the Kingdom of Heaven.

I bid thee a developing understanding of the Intimacy you are to behold with the Father .. an activity of association with the Initiatory Thought and Life of God .. humility and strength to stand one with all things in you as you raise your life and world into this living alignment with the Infinite Intelligence Circuits of the Trinity Source.

Michael Of Nebadon


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