Once becometh self-conscious

When My children once becometh self-conscious of the certainty of God's watchcare .. the faith filled assurance of the divine presence living in thine midst .. this quality of trustworthy kinship shall broaden understanding in the mind, replenish the soul, invigorating the heart in its devotion for Absolute Objectivity and Divine Truth.

Our association shall bring renewal to thine thinking mind .. raising the mortal mind into its Christhood.

The faith of the spirit-filled believers of My gospel approach will expand the mind into direct knowledge and personal revelatory experience .. ennoble the personhood into dignity, confidence, and self-respect .. enrapture the hearts determination for freedom and order.

Our religious spirituality grows fellowship with the Spirit of God. It shall amplify all happiness as you transfigure your sins of misqualification and transmute your misunderstandings of identity.

Such a faith as ours in Salvington University shall build this faith relationship into maturity and eventually survival of personality.  Immortality through becoming birthed once again in your Second Birth into light will be your eventual reality and experience.

The Foundations of the Universe Mother Spirit .. her values and virtues of mind .. shall deepen the intuitively garnered realization of God the Father. Spirit perception shall ripen. The divine intuition of insightful understanding shall impulse thee beyond the borderland of mortal experience.

...and certainly, the enhancement of unconditional love and acceptance shall give you nourishment so much so that you halt all outer seeking in the recognition that the power of love dwells in your imminent midst.

Michael Of Nebadon


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