My Universal Religious Spirituality

The gospel of My Father’s Kingdom is built upon the everlasting foundations of the Person of the Fatherhood of God who is your life and destiny, the Person of the Primal Mother Son and the Universal Sonship of all men and women through the Living Vine of the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter, and the Person of the Immaculate Preparatory Infinite Spirit and his ministry expression in the universes as Mothering Spirit; his ministry of preparing men and women to enter into this Kingdom as uniquely-held individualized personalities with Cosmic Citizenship capacities to be actualized.

I have taught you that this emerging Kingdom in your heart and mind would begin to give you a new existence of joy, power, and glory.

I teach you to make way for this said Kingdom of My Father God; for the glory of the kingdom would come with power, and some of you are discovering this reality taking place for you. You are beginning to discern what I speak of.

Currently in this 21st century bestowal mission which I am administering at this present time, I return to My followers so that every new group of mortals to appear upon the face of the earth shall have a new and up-to-date version of the gospel, just such personal enlightenment and group guidance as will prove to be an effective solvent for humankind’s ever-new and varied spiritual difficulties.

The first mission of My coming is, of course, to foster and personalize truth, for it is the comprehension of truth that constitutes the highest form of human liberty.

Next, it is the purpose of our apostleship association to destroy the believer’s feeling of orphanhood. Walking amongst men and women, all believers shall experience a sense of the extinguishing of their loneliness .. as each one comes forth to engage with Me .. to allow Me to outpour My Spirit of Truth .. and to come to dwell most fully in men’s hearts.

This bestowal of which I am speaking effectively prepares all normal men and women’s minds for their receptivity response of the subsequent universal bestowal of the Father’s spirit upon all mankind.

My Universal Station and the expression of My Spirit of Truth is the spirit of both the Universal Father and the Eternal Son. In this way do I reveal, demonstrate, and prepare all men and women for the exalted new order of humanity.

Do not make the mistake of expecting to become strongly intellectually conscious of the outpoured Spirit of Truth. My spirit never creates a consciousness of himself, only a consciousness of Me.

From the beginning I have taught that your fellowship with My Spirit of Truth is not to be found in your consciousness of this spirit but rather in your experience of enhanced fellowship with Me.

I come now to help men and women recall and understand My words, as well as, to illuminate and reinterpret My life on earth.

My bestowal mission is presently helping the believer to witness to the realities of My teachings and My life as I am living it in the flesh, and as I now again live it anew and afresh in the garment of ephemerality.

Individual believers of each passing generation shall become the sons and daughters of God .. the spirit-filled sons and daughters of advancing progression in the Initiatory Life of God the Father.

The Spirit of Truth that I AM comes to lead all believers into all truth, into the expanding knowledge of the experience of the living and growing spiritual consciousness of the reality of eternal and progressively ascending sonship with God.

These concealed truths of the Parenthood of God and the established brotherhood and sisterhood of all Universe Persons will emerge into the hearts and minds of humanity to effectually transform your wayward civilization into God’s Everlasting Dominion.

Michael Of Nebadon


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