I guide thee

Verily, do I guide thee into consideration of the spirit of Life .. and collaboration with this portion of Life which is of the Universal Father who has the Will and Living Impulse to deliver thee out from the temporary circumstances of the world civilization which challenges your wits and perplexes thine heart.

Intuition is the opening of the higher sight and the fuller mind. It bringeth a direct knowing .. a heightened feeling .. and a more cosmic insight .. to the personality soul.

The spirit of intuition is the very first stage of preparation for the mind's unfoldment; for it's phase of development clears the pathway into the spirit of understanding.

With intuition comes a quickened perception, a reflexive perception and instinct. Yet still, is the mind's phase of developing maturity tending to be mechanical and materialized. With the spirit of intuition, personality is given a directional propensity .. a self-preservation endowment to survive and eventually prosper.

...and with further development, the mind is ushered into this spirit of understanding whereby it can coordinate these intuitive pulses into the spontaneous association of ideas bringing understanding to the mechanics of mind. It begins possession of this coordinating response in acquiring knowledgeable understanding. The mind now is capable in reasonings, in assessments, and in choices and decision making.

...and these benevolent endowments and evolutionary developments cause the evolving mind towards the choosing of courageous decisions whereby the personality mind finds the spirit of courage cometh from the Universe Mother ..  and this is the very necessary gifting in order to mature it's character .. it's moral stamina .. and it's acquiring capacities for intelligent conscience to appear; for the spirit of courage is that urge of mechanical and material mind which propels the personhood and it's growing personality towards righteousness and rectitude, responsibility and respect, realization and revelation, receptivity and remembrance in all things of the soul and spirit.

Michael Of Nebadon


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