I am the Lord thine God

I am the Lord thine God .. the everlasting Principle of Life cometh into the world once more.

Knoweth Me? Perceive Mine presence? Feel My power move through you? Identify with Me?

I say unto Mine apostolic associates .. better that ye loose thyselves from the ephemeral world of appearances, then to lose thyself in the mighty sight of God the Father.

I am come to generate direction and guidance .. to give you strength of purpose .. to illuminate the approach .. the avenues of creature ascendancy into the more prosperous life with the Universal Spirit living in you.

Michael Of Nebadon


  1. Vivo en ti,,por Tu Misewricordia Oh Dios. Gracias.

  2. Te reconozco como mi Señor, Mi Dios. Mi esperanza y fé descansa en tu misericordia y consuelo para identificarme en el espíritu Universal,


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