Arise Mine earth children

Arise Mine earth children, and attend to thine universe career. The Kingdom of My Father God hath Mercy and Forgiveness at hand.

The great Plan of Salvation is the most inclusive opportunity for all to partake of in their individual lives.

Happiness is the property of every creature. Happiness cometh upon the hearts and brows of the children of the earth as ambassadors of the Sovereign Shepherd I AM.

Joy shall be the overflowing impulse for all the kingdoms of the earth .. shaping destiny .. and inwardly charging thine motivations with the will of the heavens.

Ye shall feel thine directives .. thine receptivity grow .. and the Life of God I AM shall become absolutely adored. His Life will illuminate the avenues of creature ascent towards the Absoluteness of Ascendancy; this is the harmonious and orderly approach of the ages.

Michael Of Nebadon


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