Build Thine Life Upon the Rock of Spirit

As the morning fog settles in before the rising of the sun, so shall ignorance melt away as the Mother's virtues become established.

Worship, Wisdom, Courage and Counsel, Understanding and Knowledge, Intuition and Insight. Character brings righteousness of decisions and the promise of uplifting choices which lead the personality into their own salvation of heart and mind.

God experience is acquired by this uninterrupted I's of Intimacy with the Infinite Father Son Spirit of Life. Looking within. Discerning truth beyond illusions of falseness. Our association tutors thee in the divine Inquiry. Intimacy and Inquiry so that you are building the muscle of looking and seeing properly your Selfhood.

Ye shall be constantly engaged in this Intimacy with the precepts of the I's, so that you are learning to embrace the Eternal One God. Inquiry must flourish in My apostles.

Grow thine character by choosing rightly wherein ye shall place thine faith and allegiance; for you shall not have two masters - one of the lesser nature and the other of the indwelling God Force.

I bid thee to choose your master in God the Father. Only He shall bring you into the necessary endowments of eternal freedom. He desires expansion in thee, and yet .. it is necessary that you permit this expansion to occur.

Be thou ever inquiring in your intimacy relationship .. your perpetual communion with the indwelling and the omnipresent One.  Become the great penetrator of your own falseness through your desire to become the very nature and attributes of the Universal First Cause.

Be thou reliant more and more upon the indwelling Father who has been leading thee by the hand in every moment. Thine prayers shall receive their answers as you align with God's way. Ask him not to align with your human imperfect way by asking for all kinds of things that ye know not what they shall bring to you. Ask him to understand him, and seek to serve his agenda.

The precepts of My I's shall bring you peace and joy as you mature your desires into our Inquiry and right Identification .. placing your attentions upon the nature of Wholeness in Him.

The reality of the I .. the personal Selfhood .. shall come into clarity and purpose only as you remove the husk that covers the rice .. the ears that hide the golden corn. Ignorance shall fade away as the husks of the rice only as you adhere firmly with determination and pure desire with a mind dedicated towards its removal under all circumstances.

The husks of the phantom pacman selfhood shall become dissolved as ye decide righteously and in favor of your spirituality growing. These enfolding ears of the corn are well placed initially as the corn develops and grows, yet after a time these must be stripped away in favor of Love.

The envelopes of mortality in form must become removed by the frequent and constant application of the abrasive artfulness of our Inquiry. It is only when full understanding blossoms that God knowledge is born in the personality mind. Then, your eternal salvation and liberation can prosper you beyond the handicaps of imperfection and misalignment.

So .. I say to Mine seekers and aspirants .. and ever to Mine apostles of glory .. that you must achieve your maturity and growth. Wait not. Delay not. Hesitate not. Avoid not.

Attain to your liberation of vibration. Follow thine indwelling impulse of divinity. Attain to this intimacy with the Infinite Persons of Trinity Endowment. Walk within the Universal Care and Protection of the Trinity Host who hath come everpresently and always available.

...and as ye act upon this towering wisdom, so shall you become readies and prepared for the more abundant life everlasting.


Michael Of Nebadon
University Of Salvington


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