Mine spiritual drawing powers

Mine spiritual drawing powers hail from the Second Center and Divine Source of the Eternal Son.

As ye partake of My consciousness and wisdom .. give all credit and glory to the Universal Father Son Spirit of existence.

I call you forward as Mine apostolic associates to raise the standards of your living approach.  Grow character by immersion with the Foundations of all mind in the Universe Mother Spirit.  Gain authority over every ailing woe which stems from your ill-founded allegiance with matter, time, space, and physical bodily inclinations.

In our association ye shall mature the materialistically driven mind into the soul mind which applies it's will righteously and with respect and responsibility.

You shall mature mind into a matchless poise and purity. It's tendencies shall become a servant to the will of the Father. Tolerance and a growing acceptance for yourself shall unearth all self-doubts and limitations of faith in the Universal Spirit who has been residing in you from your beginning.

As you blossom into his son and daughter through adhering to the great law, then the Kingdom of Love shall taketh hold in thee. It's roots shall spread wide and deep in you. Truth shall conquer all untruths.

As the Father’s will becometh your law, and as you manage your time and space in service to him .. then shall you begin to understand that your will is fast becoming the Father’s Initiatory Life and his Will.

This development in experience in you shall grow and prosper thee into our eternal values and virtues .. the virtuous life shall flourish. Choices shall become as One Impulse and One Design.

Hence .. God's Goodness and his Truth and Beauty .. shall guide thee in conscience and in consciousness. As you rejoice in living the higher Will and Intent .. only then will your joyfulness grow exponentially.

I come to illuminate the approach of Paradise .. the avenues of ascendancy. To offer you aid and nourishment of Ideal. To usher you beyond the enslaving ways of world ignorance into the elevated power and position of a free child with whom mastery has struck a direct chord of harmony and life.

Michael Of Nebadon


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