A Universal Spirit Reality

The Father is a universal spirit reality and infinite force of unending power and intelligence .. limitless love and indescribable mercy. His justice prevails in all circumstances, and his merciful ministrations of active loving conquer all adversities in every relationship and environment.

God is the universal person .. a universal spirit .. his presence is the over controller of all matter, mind, soul, and spirit throughout all dimensions.

Through the gift of his Life within every morally-centric mind and heart .. the Universal Father guides his creature personality; for certainly, the spirit fragment of his will and way lives within you.

He fosters the evolutionary personality and immortal soul development through every material event and all personality circumstances. His nature and divinity .. his attributes and attitudes shall lead the God hungry intellectual personality beyond the scope of its mortal entrainment of every thought and emotion.

The Father's Life Fragment of Himself shall ultimately prevail. His way of order and harmony absolute brings survival to the personality soul .. progress to the universes .. virtuousness and victory to those individuals who are prepared to become spirit led and spirit willed and motivated.

Michael Of Nebadon
University Of Salvington


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