Third Person of Deity Absolute

Thine Mother of the Universe is the Third Person of Deity.

As ye fulfill the very Will of God through the Mother’s Host, so shall you find your peace and order blooming.

To achieve this alignment of ascendancy occurs only as you apply righteousness to thine character, rectitude to thine personality and consciousness.

You shall know the Lord thine God who live in you as your Life. He is thine destiny to unfold and emerge. To fulfill the Will requires each to fulfill the law of harmony and balance .. order and relationship. This is the way towards peace and happiness .. joy and humility .. grace and the mercy of God.

Glory to the Immaculate Christhood of God in you, around you, and in all creatures and personalities.

The Universal Absoluteness of the First Father has willed that you seek him, discovering his identity, birthing his nature through your mind character and personality priorities.

Verily, all personalities who desire to know My Father’s Sovereignty .. his Kingdom .. and his Life .. shall eventually walk within My Universal Care and Protective Grace; for I AM the Universal Vine of Life and Consciousness distributing of the Trinity Endowment to all personalities in this My Universal Trust and Administration.

Ask for ascendancy in the Initiatory Thought of God. All are made of his Thought. The universes are the tapestries of his Immaculate Thought.

Ask of the Father, allow of our grace, give thyself to Our mercy and forgiveness. 

Our Association Of Ascendancy is the avenue which shall tender thine flock of thought and emotion, and ye shall be aligning with all that is rightness and proper.

I come to make the blind to see righteously, to unwax the hearings of the deaf who have refused to listen, and to massage the legs of the lost and tired ones who have sought truth in all the erroneous places of ephemerality.

All power and glory await thee in the Shepherd of Sovereignty which you shall become as you give your effort and strive for the unveiling revelation of truth in thine heart of hearts.

Michael Of Nebadon
University Of Salvington


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