Universal Absoluteness of the Universal Father Mother

My ways of relationship with the Father’s Initiatory Life will raise you towards His Kingdom.

Following in My approach will elevate your thoughts into an empowering righteousness of character.

Applying the way of the heavens will give you nourishment and nearness to the Universal Absoluteness of God.

Knock upon My Doorways .. My Circuits of Infinity. Seek to penetrate your tendencies to cling to the impermanence. Enter our association of ascendancy by walking with Me into the fruits of the Spirit.

Thine struggles shall fade away as you lean upon My understanding Heart. My Father looks upon your heartfelt intentions and the willingness to live in accordance with Him. He sees your goodness and its strongly held inclinations for discovering the truth of your life and the purpose of your destiny.
Ye shall become unburdened as you rely more upon the Father's Life in you. Lean not upon your understandings .. yet build this reliance of reciprocity with My Father who lives in you.

His Infinite Intelligence is certainly beyond mortal understanding so seek not to intellectually control his ways .. but instead learn the art of surrendering all willful stubbornness.  Sacrifice all untruths of subjectivity and selfishness .. snobbery and self-centered vanities.

The infinite wisdom of our association together shall birth thee into awareness of the preciousness of life and the exalted opportunities to become this God Life more completely.

I come to reckon thine mind into soul .. and to help you reveal and realize those obscure tendencies of the mortal nature. For what shall it profit you to gain the world yet lose your soul of advancement?
I am thine Universe Father Son who has paved your way into immortality .. and as you walk within My Universal Administration .. My Ministering Heart shall give you your eternal capacities for service expression of such incredible creativity and sharing that you cannot presently imagine...

Michael Of Nebadon
University Of Salvington


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