Awakening of the Immaturity into Immortality

Come and enter My Kingdom of Universal Citizenship. They who love Me and conduct the  expansion of light and life .. these are My shepherds within the Vine that I AM. They are in Me and of Me.

Those who love Me while keeping My commandments shall not falleth prey to the intoxications of the world. They are the receptive ones who are headed towards the attainment of immortality .. the choosing of the garment of everlasting dominion. 

These are My disciples who are not great in numbers; for it is true that those who love the darkness of rebelliousness are as many as the sands on the beachhead of living.

I am arrived upon that beachhead into a world civilization that is young and immature .. hypnotized by the lesser nature and unable to rise and reach for the divine objectivity that is truth.

Yet .. I am come I assure you that. Only those individuals with the purity of heart and the sincere desire for God the Father shall find Me amongst thee; it is the Father’s Initiatory Life which unveils thine sight and affords you the capacities of our association together.  He .. in you .. knows the timing .. and he alone understands thine readiness and tenderness of soul.

I am come unto those who have pierced the glass of darkness in their very consciousness .. and who have demonstrated that their wholehearted willingness usurps the darkness of vanity and selfishness .. self-deceit .. pridefulness .. and avoidance of every sort.

Verily do I speak to Mine ones who listen and obey .. they hear the call of the Silence .. and they are answering It's purpose and directive.

Be advised and consoled herein beloveds .. those who love Me not are your enemies even though we do meet within the Spirit of Us All. And there shall come a day within the cosmic space and eternal timelessness wherein all will walk together as One.

Yet these ones who revert to intellectual pride and the unavoidably sorrowful mind of arrogance and the problematic and conflicted  lesser nature autonomies of every kind .. they are your oppressors and opposers. They are thieves and rapists of the divine force without ever an acknowledgement nor a thistle of adoration do they offer. They attempt to break through into the house of the holy and pure without undergoing their own purified maturings. They do all in their powerless poise to influence you of their mind prowess and personality grandeur .. yet they shall find failure topples them downward. These are the excursions of the evolutionary races which none may avoid.

The thieves are amongst you in society. They pose as your compatriots yet I say unto you .. they are as the scorpions filled with the venomous poisons of subjectivity and snobbery. Their sting upon thine feet as ye walk upon the pastures of the earth are as a venom which causes stagnation and procrastinations of all orders. They bewitch the unwary .. and they stagger the non-vigilant ones who are weak by their character and are easily tempted by darkness.

Be not as the lazy and stalwart of your race who feel superior to others .. and who believe the errors of egotistical entitlement have none of these seeds of impiety within themselves ..  they hold out their petty hands with the false tenders of the world mind seeking to exchange truthfilness for their mortal opinions .. opinions of subjectivity itself attempting to show their absoluteness .. yet this fallen intellectual mind must sooner or later become surrendered into the Christos of all. There is no escape nor is there a way to cheapen the avenues of ascendancy. All must come and walk this way.

Every personality shall deliver themselves through the endowment of their willingness to cooperate and collaborate with God himself who lives in them as the one life .. the very almighty that I AM.

I bid ye purity and choice .. decisiveness and courage in going forth into the Kingdom of our universe.

Michael Of Nebadon
University Of Salvington


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