The Revelatory Sonship and Daughtership of the Heavenly Kingdom

Thine worship of the Center and Source shall be pure adoration with no askings of the Infinite God.

Give your thoughts to the Father's Life in thee to begin with. Place the attentions upon his presence .. consciousness .. and life .. in thee.

Religion of the cultural status of the civilization is not a true religious spirituality. Religion of the concerns of society shall not offer thee freedom and understanding knowledge.

You must cultivate a religious spirituality built upon eternal meanings .. lawful adherence .. perspectives of eternity which mature the personality and clarify the character.

Our religious revelatory relationship is an educational fellowship .. a living trust .. a coordinating impulse which drives thine personhood into unity .. becoming a perfectly unified personality motivated by the way of the Universal Absoluteness.

All childishness of hope in advancing to the Father's Initiatory Kingdom without effort and a wholehearted devotion must be exchanged for the purity of faith and everlasting dedication .. an unwavering trust; the unconquerable desire to find the Infinite God who is resident in thine midst .. and to emulate and actualize his nature .. his character .. and his nobility of generosity and giving.

These are the attitudes of ascendancy which raise the mortality and its ethic .. and which cause to ripen the capacity for counsel and collaboration with the vast Intelligences of the universes.

Only a primitive race nurtures divisions and blindness in its people. The opinions and superstitions of the evolutionary races of progression eventually collapse into the known revelation of God's revealed way by the Sons and Daughters of Trinity Endowment whereby you are encircuited into those living Intelligence circuits of life which are solely responsible for delivering you from the wares of materialization.

You become God-like .. God Aware .. God Inspired and Impulsed into goodness, truth, beauty, and rightful relationship .. you are raised and refined in living as a personality who is God directed and spirit purposed towards righteousness and respect .. receptivity and rectitude .. remembrance and revelation .. recognition and responsibility.

I come to ignite this very God Impulse living in you .. as You .. which broadens thine eternal career .. expands thine everpresent stature as a child of Eternity .. and this Living Igniting Impulse establishes the status of thine existence upon the spiritual rock of a living personal and reciprocal religious relationship with the Infinite Persons of Absoluteness.

You walk heroic within the earthly pastures as one who has outgrown the infantile repressions of humanity .. and who is now evermore determined to enter the Kingdom of heaven .. powerfully desirous to attain to the Sovereignty of God .. who desires your perfection and purity to become a tangible reality within the universes.

A harmony of the heavenly Ones is birthed .. and a symphony of selflessness and surrendered love emerges .. for the existence which stands ready and waiting to merge with thee rejoices as you are free.

Michael Of Nebadon
University Of Salvington


  1. Eternal thanks for your always present guide to our Infinite Father in us........I LOVE YOU BELOVED MICHAEL

    1. Eternamente gracias. aprecio mucho tu guia Padre Hijo Cristo Micael.yde la Madre Infinita que me Envuelve con Su Manto de Virtudes.para una Adoracion mas profunda.. muchas gracias..por aceptarme..Te amo..Maestro..

  2. My beloved Father Son, thanks for the word of living God-like, God Awareness, God Inspired and Impulsed ....

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