My Father’s Kingdom is Accessible to All

Michael Of Nebadon
Salvington University
Conference 26-02-2017

Transcription - notes: Mikis, Michalis Balaouras

The Father lives within you. The son surrounds you in that Comforter. The Infinite Spirit comes to you as the Mother. And the Mighty Host of Heaven further prepares and holds you into your Freedom. You have 4 Endowments … 4 Circuits of Life. And then you have your misqualified Energy in your Mortal Field, which you are learning how to embrace. That misqualified Energy is truly the Life of God that you have changed its Vibration. So judge not by appearance. There’s only that One Energy in life and you hold the capacity to qualify or place Vibration upon that Life. To place Qualities upon that Life. The Qualities of negativity are the misqualified Energies. It is still the Life of God given to you and you have placed upon it the clothing of that lower Vibration and each person carries that Field of misqualification through all their lifetimes. 2.000 years ago the Spirit I AM came and demonstrated the process of this Transfiguration. That Spirit that I AM … The Personhood that I AM … embodied through and with the man that you refer to as Yeshua. That man is in the Ascended Levels. I the same Spirit Personality come again using this form … a different form. But this time I am coming using My Eternal Station and this time it is YOUR time to demonstrate.

In order to eat and benefit from the corn you must remove its outer layer. Then you begin to see the Golden Yellow Color. Then it becomes useful to you. Our Apostleship together helps you to take off the outer layer by embracing it and knowing that it is truly the Life of God within you. The Golden Yellow Corn needs that envelop to grow, but when God plucks that corn from its stock He begins to remove the outer layer which has served that corn to grow. Protecting it in all sorts of ways. Your misqualified Mortality is like that husk covering the Golden Yellow corn of your Divinity and you are learning how to gentle removing that outer husk. Curse not the outer qualification. That misqualified Vibration holds your Consciousness and Wisdom and for you to obtain the Gold of that Wisdom you must learn to remove the husk by embracing it, by understandingly loving it – being grateful that that misqualification is serving you, but you must complete the cycle of sowing and reaping. For example, you have sown some fear or some resistance and in our Association after a period of time you feel that resistance returning to you. That resistance has its purpose and as you embrace it with love, with compassion in your heart, you allow the cycle of sowing and reaping to be re-sown into Life. You have sown many things over your lifetimes. You’ve been sowing many good things as well as unpleasant things, but all things must return to their Creator. This is the Law of God. In this Transfiguration Phase that you are entering you are reaping what you have sown. Many good things as I say. All those qualities that allows you to enter into this process. Love of God … Discipline … Obedience … Many things that are good and also now I am returning to you those unpleasantries. I am returning your Gifts … the Good things … and also the obstacles that you have created. Embrace it all. Do not believe like the arrogant of the World that you are above anything. In my time here during this lifetime in the last 30years I picked up a body that was around 23years old. So actually 33years. I had to transfigure many, many things. This was a different mission for me than in other times. I came in to the use of a family line with many, many problems. And I spend 30years transfiguring. Much of it by myself. I tell you, you must earn the right to Serve in every capacity. No one is given the free right to receive anything in the Universes. You must earn it through your EFFORT. Your effort builds in you the right character. Everything in the Universe is operated through Personalities. You will not raise yourself from here and just go into some Ocean of Formlessness. But you will find yourself an Eternal Personalization of Supremacy. A Personality which is Eternal does not age, has tremendous capabilities. In your Consciousness you will find that Ocean of God. You’ll find it 10.000 times easier to Connect with the Father. Because you will be One blended with His Spirit. And there are many, many levels and grades to move into from there. But the Resurrection into your own Immortal Selfhood is huge. The Resurrection is the re-ordering of yourself into Immortality. You move into Establishing more of God’s Kingdom. It is available to you. You must demonstrate if you are Available to Him, not just by SAYING THAT YOU ARE. But you must demonstrate it through your ACTION.

I show you how and what you need to do. But you need to learn to follow without changing the direction. The human being has this strange function in their misqualification. For example, I tell you the sky is blue … “Oh you mean blue like the Ocean? That reminds me of a story I want to tell you.” … This is not the way I want you to come here to learn. The most accelerated way you can come to learn is this way I show you. When I instruct you and I tell you the sky is blue I want you to say “ah Michael I have heard you … the sky is blue”. Then I tell you and those clouds within the blue sky are white. “Ah Michael you said the clouds within the blue sky are white.” Now we have a meeting of the mind. When you hear exactly being said. Usually when you are being given a part of this Instruction you have to bring your mind into the Present Moment to hear it. Usually people are thinking their own thoughts while others are talking. You have to come Present. You have to be Vigilant to not let your Subjectivity interfere. Because of the misqualified Energy in the mind, when I say the sky is blue you tell me “ah do you think I was King Cesar in a prior life?” and I say “Forget that for a moment … the sky is blue.” “Michael how many breaths do I need to take when I do the Yoga?”. And I tell you, no, no, I’m not talking about Yoga. I’m talking about the sky. Now those of you here have enough space in your Consciousness to allow yourself to learn. Do you know that I have had people to come to me to try figure out if I’m really Michael of this Universe? They tell me if you are Michael tell me what is on page 952, paragraph 3 of Urantia Book. Do you think I might know that? Certainly in my Eternal Form, beyond the Earth, I could tell you, yet in coming into the human I must deliver myself in similar conditions. It’s necessary to enter the Evolutionary Race with the similar limitations. In the beginning of putting myself out there Publicly … I would give them a chance to ask me a question, but as soon as they saw I did not know what was on page 152 in their Bible they just affirmed their pre-conceived judgement. Learning something new requires of us to let go of our pre-conceived conceptions. Truly the new Wine of Knowledge that I offer does not mix well with opinion. You must be willing to let go of all the things you have learned so you can simply receive. Make yourself Available. You will have time to decide if you should keep certain ideas you have or let them go. Yet when we come together put those ideas aside and allow yourself to receive. No one will take away your opinions. You will let them go. When you see if it serves you or not.

Let go of the intellectual to master you. Allow the Spirit of God to Master you. In that Unfoldment I am there with you, yet it is important for you to focus your Adoration and Relationship into that Life of the Father. I am there with you, but the Father as the Life within you is your Destination. And again, I am One with that. We share that Supremacy of Consciousness, yet I prefer for you to see this as your own Life Unfolding. But you are not doing it alone. I and the Host and the Mother Spirit doing it with you. Now there are those in your Human Race who don’t want anyone interfering. But that is not the ways the Universes work, that is the petition of the lower nature wanting to procrastinate.

Blessed are you who give your Life to this Unfoldment. For you shall awaken upon the Shores of your own Immortal Divinity. You will find yourself a member of the Administration of the Universe. Again I am pressed to tell you this. Never are you alone, nor do you have to do this by yourself. This is the natural and normal Evolution that you are becoming Conscious of. Imagine a mother ready to give birth. The doctor looks into her womb and says to the baby “ok come, this is the time”. Yes, but the baby says … “I can do this myself … I don’t like people interfering with my birth! Yea, leave this to me.” This is the predicament that the vast majority is experiencing. They must learn to co-operate and collaborate. Only a sane baby about to be born says to the doctor: “Thank you, I give myself to your care. I am smart enough to know I can’t birth myself by myself.” Now we have a co-operation. It does not make the child less, but it makes him or her much more. It took a number of years for me to come into the use of this body. I didn’t say ok guys … I can do this myself. I said: “ok, I am holding your hand and please don’t take a coffee break. Hold me as close as you can, don’t just drop me into that dense form … slowly let me adjust … and always let me hold your hand.” Nothing here do I do by my own hand. I pray that you be approaching this in the same way. “Ok I am willing to let go of my own ideas … I am willing to allow the Endowment of the Trinity to help me into my own Birth.

Michael Of Nebadon
University Of Salvington


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